Upset but feel sooo stupid - updated sort of

Hello ladies,

Have been on hols all week so haven't checked in. However all week I've had painful boobs, tummy cramps, tiredness etc. We had done the deed at the right time so I had totally convinced myself I was pregnant, we got home this morning and I did a test. It was negative. I am sooo upset and also REALLY annoyed at myself for getting my hopes up. I am so stupid. Sorry, just wanted to share. Feel like I have built myself, told myself it doesn't matter either way, but have found that it really does.



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  • Hi hun, whens your af due? could be too early dont give up hope.

    Have you been anywhere nice?

  • I tested today too. Also BFN. I feel upset too by SD knows from my other post it's too early really for me to be testing (I think i'm turning into a poas addict image). When is/was your AF due? I read something interesting the other day that if you carry a boy your hcg goes up slower than with girls, V. interesting, not sure how accurate although there have been a number of research papers on it. Maybe it's too early for you and your hcg isn't high enough yet?? The game's not up 'til the witch shows her face!;\) Good luck hun let us know.
  • Hi ladies just to let you know i did a test thurs morning BFN only to get a BFP on fri afternoon. I had what i thought was af cramps and was convinced she was coming. Dont give up until you get af.

    Good luck
    Annette xx
  • Hi PP,
    I know the feeling I start to build my hopes up before poasing only to be let down. Sometimes it feels like our minds and bodies aren't working together but they will. Don't beat yourself up for having hope that hope and pma will see you through and get you a bfp. But as the others have said don't rule yourself out just yet... x
  • Hi Annette how long was it before your AF was due that you got your BFP on the Friday? Just curious as poas everyday is not a good thing for me! I need to time this better to avoid the disappointment.
  • Sorry you feel so upset. Sadly I think we've all been there. I seem to go one worse and convince myself I'm still pregnant even though af has arrived! Hopefully you're BFP is yet to come if af is still to show her ugly face x
  • Thanks ladies. I really appreciate the support and positive stories. My cycle can be a bit erratic so my period could come anytime in the next 7 days or so. It could be tomorrow or it might be longer. I guess I'll have to be patient on that front. I am on CD 21 and my cycle varies from 21-28 days.
    To be honest I didn't know what it was, I had been ill and sometime I get pain in my boobs from that (you know when your glands swell up under your arms) and I also have a history of ovarian cysts which can cause breast pain. So I thought it was one of these things and not preganancy. But the pain is sooo bad and my nipples are so sensitive (sorry if tmi) and it's never gone on this long.
    We hired a cottage in Wales for a week and I forgot my folic acid, and I have eaten blue cheese, poached eggs and had lots of wine. The only thing I haven't done is have pate!!! I dread to think what I have done to the poor bean if it's in there.
    I was talking to Husband about it on the way home and I suddenly thought - what if I am preganant? And the closer we got to London the more excited I got (though worried by everything that has gone into my mouth for the last seven days). By the time we got to London I had convinced myself. Anyway I am rambling now - I went to the gym yersterday evening wuth Husband and that cheered me up. My friend is coming over in a couple of hours for a run (that's probably the wrong thing to do) so I am sure I'll feel more positive after a bit of sun and getting my heart rate up.
    Sorry this has turned into a page of ramble.
    PP X
  • hi babyonboard. Im not sure if my af was due sat/sun.My cycles were up or down by a day or two.
    When you due on?
    Annette xx
  • So it's Monday and for the last seven days I have had incredibly painful breasts. I have never had anything like this before, keep wondering if I am deluding myself and what else this could be?
    Do any of you ladies have any advice? What were your first symptoms of pregnancy?
    I am feeling very down about this, Husband keeps telling me this is all in my head which just makes me so frustrated. I can't make him understand that this is different, that I feel different. Wish I could get a positive pregnancy test as I feel this is the only thing that he will believe (or my period!).
    Sorry, I don't like uncertainty at the best of times and just feel like I am in limbo at the moment.
  • Have you done another test? As your cycle varies so much you might still not get a positive result for a few days. Do you know when you ovulated? How long have you been trying for?
    Before I got my BFP with our ds my breasts weren't sore but I was just more aware of them, they felt fuller, although it could definitely be a symptom for you! Good luck x
  • Thanks everyone. Have just done another test - it was negative so still no clarity. Have been feeling so ill this morning. Had something to eat and feel a bit better. Think I must be symptom spotting now - I think I need to try to not think about it for a few days and then maybe retest.
  • ah poor u, hope its just a shy bean for u.

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