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Cyber Hugs - Part Deux - Anyone welcome

Hi girls,
Thought I'd start a new thread before it got to long image
How you all doing?
I'm good, CD21 today which is 8DPO, really trying not to symptom spot though!
B(.)(.)s are sore & just had a really random pain on the right side of my tummy! I'm temping but have had no implantation dip so not holding out much hope!
Just hoping I don't have to go into month 15 image

Hope u all join me again & anyone else is more than welcome image
lots of love

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  • Hi Curls,
    Good idea to start a new thread, it was getting a bit long wasnt it!!!
    Well done on the not symptom spotting hoping the pain on your right side is a good sign, fingers crossed.

    How is everyone else?

    I had a letter today cancelling my lap and dye on 22nd Sept and then got another letter giving me another appointment for the week before!!!! I need to give them a ring Mon to confirm but hoping this is correct.

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

    Lots of love

    Lizzy xxxx
  • Hey girls!! Lovely to see a shiny new thread for us!!

    It's cd24 for me and..... I've got my peak!! finally!! Cannot believe it is so late, this will be a 39 day cycle, but better late than never!

    Oooh Curls, getting close to the end of your cycle now, loadsa luck, hope the witch stays away!!

    Lizzy, thats ace news, hope they've got it right!!

    Have you had good wkends?? I went to manchester to see some friends and had to quietly do CBFM in bathroom this morn and contain may excitment when I got the peak. Was v well behaved and only had 2 cocktails last night in prep for the 2ww!

    Loads of luck and babydust!

    **big hugs!** xxx
  • Hi girlies, how are we all? Just a quick update from me! I'm CD24 today which is 10DPO I think! I'm feeling ok, b(.)(.)s are still sore but they were last month so not thinking much abt it, however much I'm hoping.
    AF due on Sunday so its either gonna be a fab bank holiday or a crap one image
    Lizzy - how's u?
    Amber - yay for ur peak, hope u managed to BD at the right timeimage how ya feeling, guess your in the 2ww now!

    How's everyone else?
  • Hi Ladies,

    Not long now curls!!!! Will you be testing Sunday then? Do you have any other symptoms or are you trying not to symptom spot??!!! Do you have any more reflexology booked before AF is due?

    Amber, I think I got my pea the same day as you so were are cycle budies this month!! I am 2po today so into the 2ww, the part I hate the most!!! We didnt bd alot this month as I wasnt really in the mood so not really holding out much hope. I also had really bad bloating and sharp pains in my right side yesterday which is probably the new cyst playing up so think that may put any plans of a pg to rest. I having my lap and dye done on 16th Sept and have been told that alot of people get pg after having this done as it flushes the tubes out so fingers crossed.

    What are you plans for the bank hol weekend girls?

    Hope everyone else is ok? Lolly how are you?

    Lots of love and big hugs

    Lizzy xxxx
  • Hey Lizzy

    sorry to g/c but saw your name and had to read your post, i hope you don't mind. I always look out for you and really hope that the lap and dye leads to your much deserved bfp.

    S x

  • Hi girls,

    I wrote a reply on here the other day but it looks like BE must have eaten it!!??

    Lizzy I am ok, thanks image af due Thurs have sore boobs but I always get that on the lead up to af so not getting my hopes up. My fingers are crossed for your lap and dye!!!The 16h Sept will be here quicker than you think!

    I put in my last reply that I felt 'Cyber hugs part deux' thread will be a lucky one!!! Let's hope so

    Cyber hugs and baby dust x x x x
  • OMG Squibly, how are you??!! Course I dont mind you g/c, its lovely to hear from you. Im hoping lap and dye gets my bfp too but after waiting this long Im not holding my breath!!!!

    Lolly, hoping AF wont show and you get yuor bfp tomorrow. Are you testing tomorrow? Lets hope you are right and this is a lucky thread I think we all deserve it!!!

    How is everyone else today?

    Big big cyber hugs

    Lizzy xxxx
  • Hi All,

    Hows is everyone? Lolly, hoping AF didnt arrive and you are busy celebrating your bfp.

    Amber how are things with you?

    Curls, not long now, hoping there are no signs that AF is on her way. Have you decided if you are going to test before Sunday?

    What are everyone's plans for the bank holiday?

    Lots of love

    Lizzy xxx
  • Hey Curls, just popping by to say fingers crossed for this weekend, hope you have a lovely weekend whatever the outcome
    Lou x
  • Hey girls
    I'm fine thank you, on CD27 today which is 13DPO! AF due on Sunday but I OV'd one day earlier than last month so no idea when she'll arrive! Not holding out much hope this month but then i never do!
    Thank u all for thinking about me image got a nice wkd planned but I guess none of that matters cos I won't be able to stop thinking abt ttc image
    Have a lovely wkd
    Hope ur all ok
    Love curls xx

  • Hello all,

    How is everyone?

    Thanks Lizzy- no af yet, though I feel like she is on her way as my boobs are very sore and have (evil) pre-af headache which I always get. I went a bit crazy today, had a temperature and felt sick this morning, almost threw up in my parent's car- I put it down to morning sickness (in my head- couldn't tell my parents-far too early) even though I always feel nauseous at start of af- Got my hopes up. Had to calm myself down.

    Looking forward to the long weekend, going to a 2yr old's bday party tomorrow (today now) during the day then out with OH and newly wed friends for a good ol' catch up and a few drinkies (Ooh- should really test tomorrow so I know what to order!!!).

    Nothing planned for the rest of the bank hol, will try to remain positive if af appears.

    Curls- all the best for Sunday!!! image

    Cyber hugs to all
    Lolly (trying not to ss) x x x x

  • Good Morning,
    Hi all. Curls and Lolly got my finers crossed for you that AF does not arrive. Keep us updated if you test!!!! Hope you have a great weekend.

    Big hugs and lots of babydust to everyone

    Lizzy xxx
  • Hi girls, how are you all doing?

    Curls; any news yet?? Good luck for this wkend!!

    Lolly, symptoms sound good, hope she stays away, loads of luck!

    Lizzy, how cool we're cycle buddies, hope you're not going through anything similar to me at the mo. The lap and dye sounds like it will be v good for you, get some answers and a clear out! I've also read it can help ttc... but maybe you won't even need it in sept and this month works out for you??

    Oh girls.... hugs needed!!

    I'm in a big fat cycle mess!! Am CD30, thought I was 5 dpo as had CBFM peaks on sun and mon, yesterday I had brown cm so was confused if it was early implant, AF or anything else!! Today, AF is here. Am so disapointed and close to tears, I really thought I'd cracked it and knew what was going on with the cbfm.

    Could I have a 4/5 day luteal phase? Could cbfm be wrong? Have you got any ideas?

    It's just so crap, I just feel october and my EDD getting nearer and nearer and I just can't bear it.

    Just so so sad image

    Should I go to the docs? Would they do anything for me? I've had 4 AF's since the mmc - i didn't have any aftercare after mmc, no check ups to see if everything ok. Should I wait and see what happens this month?

    DH is away on a stag do so am all alone! Going shopping with friend this aft and fear I may have to talk to her about it all, really need to try not to get in a state. Going out with the girls tonight so will be getting smashed!!

    What are you all up to? Thanks for reading? Any thoughts you have about all this arre greatly appriciated!!

    Have a lovely wkend, lots of love and hugs! xx
  • Oh Amber I'm so sorry to here ur having a shit time of it, I would get myself to the doctors for a checkup if I were u! Ask for some advice!! It sucks that our bodies do these things to us!!!
    I can't give u any ideas I'm afraid, it might still be your hormones all over the place from mc :S
    {{{{{EXTRA BIG CYBER HUGS}}}}}

    No news from me, AF feels like she's coming today tho image temp dipped & I feel really sluggish & bloated (both usual signs)
    Been trying so hard not to think about it but it's still there all the time!!! Just hoping she stays away!

    Lolly- got my fingers crossed for ya hunny

    Lizzy- how's u today? Xx
  • Evening Ladies,
    I typed a response earlier but BE ate my reply so im trying again!!!!
    Amber, I am so sorry to hear that you are having a rough time of things at the moment. I hope that your shopping trip and girly night out helps. Sometimes its good to have a blow out!!! I dont really know what to say about your cycles, I think Curls might be right and that it may be your hormones settling down after the mmc but I think it would be good to go to your doctors and get them to check things out for you and maybe get the support that you should have had in the first place especially as you are approaching your edd. (((((((((((Big hugs honey)))))))))))))))))

    Curls, hoping that AF doesnt arrive tomorrow. Ive got my fingers crossed for you. Keep us updated.

    Lolly, your symptoms sound promising, hoping that AF holds off for you.

    Im ok Curls, pretty the much the same as you, trying not to think about ttc but failing miserably!!! my doctor told me to try not ot focus on it so much but thats easier said than done when all you want is a baby and its all consuming. We've been out shopping for a kitchen today so Ive been distracted by lights and tiles and paints!!!! Might be going to a continental food festival tomorrow so looking forward to that.

    Bigs hugs to everyone.

    Lizzy xxxx
  • Sorry but just a quick message...my best friends gone into labour, I don't think I could feel anymore emotional right now! Nervous & scared & excited for her but so incredibly jealous & sad myself!!! Thinking AF is on her way, still feeling crap plus started getting light brown CM (sorry TMI)
    Just wanted to get it off my chest, sorry
    Love curls xx
  • Aww Curls, I feel exactly the same as you at the moment as had a text last to say that my cousin (who is only 22 and pg was a complete accident) had had her baby girl. I couldnt sleep I was so emotional. I am dreading going to visit her as I know I will be so jealous and that it will make me even more broody (if thats possible!!!) !!! I hope you are ok chicken (((((((big hugs)))))))). I think its perfectly natural for us to feel this way (thats what I keep telling myself anyway).
    Im hoping that your brown cm isnt a sign that AF is on her way.
    Thinking of you

    Lizzy xxx
  • Hey lizzy, my AF has arrived this morning with avengeance! Cramps are so painful!!!! image still no news from my friend, I'm guessing shes still in labour! No ignore that just had a text to say baby is breach & she's going a c section!!! So worried, excited, jealous, sad, not really show what to feel! She's like a sister to me so I'm happy really I am, but why did it have to be today :'(

    How weird that we're going through similar things lizzy!
    Hope ur ok
    Love curls xx
  • Awwww Curls ***huge hugs**** Am so sorry to hear that, is absolutely crap and that you're friend is in labour too, I think you deserve lots of treats and a lovely day today!

    Lizzy, it's just not fair is it!! These girls fall without even trying and have no idea how hard it is. You will get there, and fairly soon hopefully with the lap and dye and it will be more special and amazing than you ever hoped it will be!

    Lolly, this sounds promising!! Are you testing?? Did you enjoy the party and drinks with friends? Loads of good luck!!

    Thanks so much for you input, still not sure what is going on as no sign of AF yet today but still early. Had a bit of a drama yesdy, my dog was attacked by another dog while we were out walking, he's ok but we were quite frightened so that got my mind off the ttc probs. I didn't want to go out and leave him last night so the girls came round to me, was a good night, only managed half an inch of wine as just didn't fancy it.

    Am gonna try to be super good this month and have all my 5 a day, no caffiene or alcohol and try to help myself with healthy diet!! Starting Tuesday!!

    How are you all? Enjoy your food fest Lizzy! Have you got anything nice planned curls?? Lolly, any news for us? fingers crossed for you!!

    I was thinking, we've been talking a few months now and I'm not sure if we've ever done intro's, can you remember?? Do you fancy it or rather be anonymous??

    Hope you're all well, have a lovely bank hol!

    Big hugs xx
  • Hey all,

    Curls, I am so sorry that AF arrived and on the same day that your friend is in labour. Try not to beat yourself up for feeling jealous and sad honey, its perfectly understandable and we all go through it.You know where I am if you need to have a natter or rant away from here chick. Im feeling rather emotional today because of the news from my cousin but I did manage to text her to day congratulations. My mum has offered to visit her with me too for some moral support!!! Make sure OH treats you today and that you relax. Have you got anything planned today?

    Amber, maybe the bleeding yesterday was implant and not AF if there's no sign of her today? Have you tested?? You would only be 7dpo if you did ov last weekend?? Dont want to buld your hopes up but dont count yourself out yet.
    I am also going to try and be good this month as havent been very good the last few months and need to start eating healthier.

    Think we may postpone the food festival until tomorrow as on a bit of a go slow today and dont seem to be able to get anything done!!!! Still in pj's!!!! Suppose it is Sunday so Im allowed!!!!

    Lolly, any news???

    I think it would be nice to do some intro's as we have been chatting for a while now. What does everyone else think?

    Bigs hugs to everyone

    Love Lizzy xxxxxx
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