Hi Newbee - question about Ovulation test sticks

Hi all, nice to join you at last - I've been a lurker whilst we were planning. Took last pill end of April just prior to our wedding, lots of Bding whilst away on our honeymoon but we weren't one of those lucky lucky couples and AF arrived last week , so the TTC is starting properly this month.

Thought we would give the sticks a go before I invest in a CBFM - Question : Is it worth spending more and getting the CB Ovulation test sticks or would Superdrug own brand do (Buy one get one free at the moment)

Thank you!!! - fingers crossed I won't be on here long!! ;o)


  • Hiya, welcome to the site and loads of congratulations on your wedding. Where did you go on honeymoon?

    I'm quite a newbie to ttc too, on first month and awaiting AF but it's just not showing so very frustrating. I shouldn't imagine it matters if you go for the cheapies. You'd prob just be paying for the branding!
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