Hi i'm back feeling much better but have a question!UPDATE!!

Its been 25 days since i lost our baby at 6 +6, still seems unreal and like this is not happening to me. But i am emotional and physically feeling much better this week so i am now looking to the future.

We started trying again on 3rd June, just under 2 weeks after i lost the baby (24th May) and have been bedding few times since then. Did a OV test on Tuesday and today and got a smilie both times so i am not sure if i am ovulating or if there are still some pregnancy hormones left!!?

Could there still be pregnancy hormones in my body or could i be ovulating? I also took a pregnancy test this morning which came up positive.

When i had the miscarriage the nurse who did the scan did a pregnancy test which by then was negative.

So is the test positive because i still have pregnancy hormones in my body even though i had the negative test after the miscarriage?

Surely i cant already be getting a positive can i? I would potentially only be 13 DPO (counting from first day of bedding)??????

I am so confused./.......
Anyone have an idea what is going on????

Did what everyone suggested and did a CBD test this morning.....! Says 1-2.....................
Am shocked.... i know potentially its very early days but here goes


After nearly a year trying, finally getting pregnant, then losing it at 6+6 it looks like i got pregnant straight away again!!!!!

That would be absolutely amazing, i was hoping and wishing for this to happen but really doubed that it would as it took us so long to just get pregnant....!!!

So i am now going to look after myself- no more stressing at work etc....and see really hoep this is a sticky bean......


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  • Hi hun

    It could be a new pregnancy especially if the nurse tested you after your m/c and you got a negative.

    Good luck hun what test did you use? and was the line a good one or just faint?

  • I am so sorry, I didn't know you had lost your baby.

    I've heard a lot of people fall straight away after a miscarriage so if you've had a positive test its very likely that you're pregnant again.

    I really hope you are and that you go on to have a happy healthy pregnancy. Please keep us updated x
  • You could be pg again. I got my bfp the month after I mc'd in April, unfortunately I lost that one too - I hope this is your BFP and you have a sticky bean hun. I would go to the doc's and get your blood hcg's run. Good luck.x
  • Hi ladies.

    Thanks for the advice. Going to give it another few days and then call my doc and see what he says.

    Guess i dont want to get my hopes up at all to be honest.

    It was a good strong second line on a Super drug test.

  • I second that LW, whispers a quiet congratulations

  • G/C from Due in August.

    Hi, I just saw this on the front page. This is what happened to me. I had a negative test after my mc. Then we started trying again when I had stopped bleeding. I tested about 6 or 7 weeks later because I was feeling sick and hadn't had my period yet. It was positive and I didn't really believe it and thought that it might have been pregnancy hormones left in my system - I am now 33 weeks pregnant! Pregnancy hormones don't stay in your system that long after and mc. So I'll be signing off with a congratulations!
  • Grrr BE ate my reply!

    I am also spotting a little when going to the toilet which i had last time round too..... can only be a good sign

    I am so scared to even hope that this might be another chance for us.....

    Faithie- what did you do at the start, did your doc take your bloods?

    Its still only been 25 days since i miscarried though!?!?

    Thank you so much girls!!
  • Aww huni congrats i hope this is a sticky bean for you!! image The perfect excuse to put your feet up and let your oh do everything for you for a while. lol
  • congrats, you must be over the moon. make sure you take it easy and have hubby waiting on you hand and foot! hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months!
  • Wow! That's great. How unexpected for fathers day eh?!

    Congratulations hun
  • Fantastic news hun.
  • fantastic news for father's day, pleased for you image xx
  • Ah thats a great result hun xx Sending loads and loads of sticky sticky babydust xxxxx
  • Oh hunni thats brilliant news !!!! Congratulations !!
  • awwwww congrats hun, so so happy for you, you deserve it image hugs, and h+h 9 months xxxx
  • Really hope this is a sticky bean!!! Thank you all for your kind posts and comments!!!

    Not joining DIF/DIM just yet as it is so so early.....
  • Oh hon, G/C from DIJ - really really pleased to see this post!!! Fingers are crossed very very tightly that its a sticky bean for you.

    We miss you over in DIJ but so glad that you've got this second chance hon. Huge congratulations for you and will keep everything crossed for you xxxx
  • Fantastic news hun!! So happy for you and sending a truck load of sticky dust! xxx
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