i cant fall pregnant

hi my names penny and i have been tryin for a baby with my bf for the last 5 months but i havnt is there something wrong with me :\?


  • no honey dont be silly!! sometimes it can take a while there will be plenty of people on here who will tell you this. it took me 4 months to concieve after coming off the pill which sadly ended in a mc, but then i got pregnant straight away.
    are you charting your ovulation? please don't worry!!! xxxxx
  • Hi Penny

    No there is nothing wrong with you, it can take 6 months to a year before a heathy couple can fall preg. Some times it wont take that long and other times it does? My friend who has just fallen had been trying for 7 months.

    Sadly for us all these things take time so please do not think that there is anything wrong ok image

    K xx
  • hi penny, and welcome to the site.
    sorry to hear you haven't fallen pregant yet but try not to worry - i've heard it takes most people between 6 months and a year.
    are you doing anything to monitor ovulation etc?

    good luck, i hope you fall pregnant soon xxx
  • yer i have been doin my chart me and my bf are just finding it so hard and now its lead into him not wanting to try any more well in that case he dont even want to have sex wat do i do? is there anything i can take to help me fall pregnant xxx
  • It can all take time hun, it can take most healthy couples trying for their first up to 1yr 1/2. We have been trying for baby no.2 for 8months no joy. You need to look out for when you are most fertile. good luck xxx
  • i have already had 1 babie but sadley she dies off cot death 15 months ago is there anything i can eat or take? xxx
  • maybe you can bring some fun into having sex, using toys or role play and dont make it all about making a baby it puts a lot of pressure on your man xx
  • yer but its not always about makin a baby we do have fun but now its got to him as our daughter died 15 months ago and he thinks he wont have another chance to be a dad
  • So sorry to hear of your loss, that must have been so devastating for you.

    make sure you and your oh arefollowing a healthy diet, avoid smoking and alcohol. There are lots of foods which are supposed to help fertility in men and women, cos its not just you who has to eat and do the right things! Try google to find advice on exactly what to eat. There is a good website called 'good to know', and I found they had some good tips on fertility and diet etc.

    Good luck hun xxx


    Good luck xxx
  • I remember it took me about a year and i was so keen n getting pregnant it put my hubby off sex too cos of the demands so in the end i put the thought to one side and deciced if it was meant to happen it will and we both relaxed and enjoyed each other and i fell pregnant so just relax and enjoy yourself with your boyfriend. Sadly i am not with my hubby of 9 years anymore he ran off with my friend and got her pregnant straight away but at least i have my 2 beautiful little girls to enjoy.
  • oh penny i am so sorry to hear about your little girl. i really hope you and your bf get the happy news you deserve. sometimes i think when you try too hard it wont happen and then you will both end up getting stressed. i know its a really difficult time but you had one baby so there's no reason why you wont have another xxxx
  • hi pennyann,sorry 2 hear of your loss,it must have been a very difficult time for u,my heart goes out 2 u. best of luck 2 u x
  • im sorry to here that nessy and thank you to every one who is helping me it means alot to me its just hard i guess as i dont wanna loose my bf through the stress but im so badley waning another baby xxx
  • oh im so sorry for your loss I just cant imagine. like special k said you know you can concieve. its now a waiting game xxxx
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