evaportion line

Hi ladies af isnt due until sat but i tested today and there is a faint pink line there it didnt come up straight away and i was wondering if this could be an evapouration line also if this was the case does anybody know if the line would be pink any help would be great by the way i tested with a superdrug own brands test


  • iv looked into this for a friend and it is normally a grey/clear line but when it evaporates there are only two places the dye can stick to thats the test line and positive sign! it could though may well be your bfp i really hope so fingers crossed hun xxxxx
  • Sorry to throw a spanner in the works but I did 2 superdrug tests few days ago and got very faint pink lines but they came up after about 45mins and I've tested since and got bfn so they must av been evaps. Fingers crossed yrs is a bfp. Xx
  • hey nic. . I did two super drug test this evening also. . Got quite clear line on one but also showed up bout 30 to hour later. . Must be evaporation line. . But you never no! Good luck ladies x X X
  • Hi ladies just a quick update i have done a first response test this morning and def pregnant has taken a long time getting here been trying since jan 09 so just wanna say hang in there ladies it will happen good luck 2 each and every1 of you xx

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  • Aw congratulations Hun, that's fab news.xxx
  • congratulations xx
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