I am bored?

i am sooo bored at work I am losin gmy mind, dont; finish till 5-30 but i just need to get outta here!!

K xx


  • im bored 2 and im here till 7pm!!!! what do you do k? xxxx
  • I am a receptioinist/PA and the day is long my friend!! How about you what do you do? How is AF what CD you on now honey?

    Where Fiona as well not seen her on here for awhile?

    K xx
  • i am also really bored,
    this is my last week in this job, finish up thursday and going away for the weekend so week is dragging in already!!!
    but on an up note hopefully i should be ov'ing this weekend!!!
  • Not long now K - only 40 mins to go! What you doing tonight?
  • I'm a PA too k-lou!

    Only 5-mins left for me... been a long afternoon!

    What's everyone upto tonight? We're doing a boring food shop!!! Hubby is dragging me to the biggest supermarket near us as well so its bound to be super busy and annoying!

  • i work in an office for a paper and calling customers for changes to there adverts, im on CD4 so basically with you hun!! havent seen fi on her for a while all though went on toddler and she said about her daughter getting run over by a motorised cart, go and have a read poor little girl image xxxx
  • i am also food shopping going to watch BB and then bed me thinks image My hubby is all loved up with me at the mo. We went to my nans yesterday and he was looking at old pictures of me as a little girl which he has never seen before and he said when we left there ( do you know how amazing you are, I have fallen in love you a 100 times over today looking at those picture, i will never let anybody ever hurt you including me).

    How cute i that.

    k XX
  • oh my god thats so sweet, you need him to text u that so you'll always remember that!!! bless him, my OH is being v cute at the mo, i think they realise how hard it is for us at the moment and just want to make us feel better but they cant xxxx
  • I know I was really touched bless him, he has been all sweet last night and this morning and I am meeting him at 5-30 to head home. I can't wait to give him a little cuddleimage

    k xx
  • this is so sweet!!! You are very lucky K-Lou!! My DH is great but we don't tend to talk about 'lady things' which is why i love this site!
  • hee hee i am lucky as Peter will have me talking babies all the time he does pull faces when i talk about cm or cervix but he will still talk about it lol

    I love seeing his little face lol

    k XX
  • oh cute, how long have u been together? me and OH have been together 4 years, not married yet but ive told him we've gotta be atleast engaged by the time im 30 so he's got 5 years to sort it out!!!! xxx
  • We will have been together 3 years this Nov got married about 7 months ago now I was best friends with him for 7 years image

    K xx
  • I'm a newly wed too! Married in sept. agreed to try for babies but now he'd rather not discuss it- he's very 'whatever will be will be!' So the next discussion we will have is hopefully one saying i've got a BFP!
  • mini my OH is the same my daughter was a happy accident and so he didnt really have to make the decision, this time around its taken since Aug to convince him to ttc so im in the same boat!!! lets hope BFP's all around very very soon xxx
  • That is so sweet K. I love it when relationships are still full of love and respect for each other.
  • HERE I AM!! lol
    arrrww how sweet, me and oh are too stressed atm to be like that unfortunatly. been busy decorating the flat and sorting the garden. we have been together for 5years in Oct and engaged for 4 1/2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry not been on much im just so fed up of ttc its taking longer than i thought all i want is a baby and for my little girl to be a big sister xxxxxxxxxxx
  • I am a newly wed too!! Been married about 6 weeks image xx
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