Pre-Seed when do you use it?

I bought one of them boxe's that gives you 6 applications in a pack, ive used two but I havent OV yet, should I save it till then?
I tend to use it just before we BD is that right?

Any other pre-seed advise?

I have found when Ive used it we got a lot of leakage sorry if tmi! does anyone else find this?


  • G/c from BIJ. We used pre-seed. I seem to remember you needed to put it in then wait before bd'ing. There was some leakage. We used it a few days before ov, up until a few days after. HTH. xx
  • hey chick i used pre-seed found the applicators had wayyyyyyy too much in then hence the leakage but it does say to squat after you've added it to get the excess out lol

    too much can be a bad thing also as it drowns the sperm so if your leaking loads id only use half the amount,i use zestica now as its just a little spray and dont need as much.....oh and a lot less 'noise' if you know what i mean lol :lol:

    im sure you put it in 15 mins before your due to do the deed xx
  • Me and my partner use zestica aswell it seems to be good and you can use it during foreplay
  • i used preseed for the first time this month and got my bfp yesterday! so would definitely recommend it! i used it from the first day i got a +ve on an opk but actually intended to use it a bit earlier than that coz my logic was that when you're ovulating you have ewcm anyway so its prob best to "create" some a couple of days before to help the spermies live to see ov!
    i put it in as i went to bed then it was usually a little while before we bd'd so i think that worked out about right.
  • I used Preseed twice and got my BFP in March!
    I used it on my first CBFM Peak and then again on the first High. And you are right - supposed to be no more than 15 mins before you BD.
    They are pricey - which is why I didn't use any more. But now I have 4 left lol!

    Good luck!
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