OV symptom question

hi I am
on CD6 of a 22 day cycle. Think this means am supposed to ov around day 9. Have not really done the whole ov checking and stuff so not sure wot to look for. Have brought some cheap ov test sticks off e bay and was gunna use them. But today I have slight dull cramps on my left side, could this be ov pain, not sure how many days b4 ov you get symptoms. Sorry to sound really thick. Was thinking if I knew how to read my body it might make this whole ttc thing easier lol. xx :\?


  • Yes, it could be ov sign. Do you have ewcm too? Do an ov test this afternoon as well.
    Get bd'ing!!
  • Hi

    Ov pains for me are quite sharp, not dull. But everyone is different. You can get pain before, during or after ov. Or if like me you are very unlucky....al 3!! lol

    As BabyB says, it is a good time to test if you have pain. As you say, you will probably ov between CD 8-12. xx
  • will give the ov tests a go this afternoon, would be happier if I knew i was actually ovulating, at least then the whole thing is'nt a waste of time and hopefully I will get my bfp before too long. Thanks for the advice and sending you all good wishes. xx
  • good luck hun hope you are ov'ing so you can get bd'ing! i usually get ewcm, and i think i've had sharp pains the last couple of times.

    **sprinkles lost of babydust**

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