time is going soooo slowly!!

hey girls!

well we are officially on our first month TTC and i am already so impatient!
Had my withdrawal bleed on 9th June and hubby and i have been bd a lot-lol
i know there is no way i will be lucky enough to fall in the first month but a little voice in my head keeps saying oooo you never know!!
im waiting everyday for my af to start although i have no idea when that will be as my cycles are so erratic, this will be my first real af since coming off the pill so i am quite curious to see my cycle length so i can work out ovulation dates for july.
i feel like i have been waiting forever already and its driving me bonkers!
We do already have a dd who is 17 months old, but now i have decided the time is right for another baby i am so impatient for it to happen soon!

Does anyone else feel like this? i wish we didnt have to wait soooooo long for af/ovulation etc
i did a test in the week as ive been feeling crampy and rubbish but it was a BFN which i knew it would be, im so silly!

good luck to everyone, i hope it happens for us all soon!



  • hi hun know how u feel....

    i hve a dd whos 8 and a ds who will be 5 in 2wks!!! i now onto mth 3 off ttc no3 and i just assumed it would happen straight away lol how stupid was i lol

    my 1st cycle off the pill was 29days and this 1 was 25days lol

    good luck huni and im here if ya ever wanna moan lol

    x holly x
  • Hiya, I too am soooo inpatient. I'm 2nd month off pill and cycle one was 44days and this one i'm on CD16 and no positive OPK as yet so think i'm in for a long one. So annoying cos have so mu7ch longer to wait each month.

    Good luck hun
  • I feel your pain - the waiting is horrible because you feel so out of control! Must remain positive though because stress delays everything. X
  • Sorry, im new to all this, how do you work out ur cycle days? i took my last pill on june 2nd, then had my withdrawal bleed on the 5th, my af arrived yest so thats july 2nd, any advise? this is all very confusing. Also how do you work out when your ovulating? thanks alot, good luck to you all, hopefully this is a lucky month for us all.
    Hols-81 - im the same as u lol i thought i would fall straight after coming off the pill but it hasnt happened, i know its only the first month of trying but im gutted!
    thankyou xxx
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