please help

i have just used an ovalation kit for the first time. I used the clear blue digital one it came up with no smily face but an empty circle! then i took the stick out and the control line was there but also a very faint blue line next too it! can u tell me what this means???


  • I've never used the clearblue tests hun but I know that with ov tests in general the line that appears has to be as dark as the control line. The reason is it's testing the level of LH in your urine, that's the hormone responsible for ovulation, when your about to ov you get a surge of LH, but there is always a little present in your urine at any time of the month.
    Hope that helps xx
  • Yeah Huni is right - with the OV tests they aren't like PG tests. THe line has to be as dark or darker than the control line. A faint line is a negative OPK.
    Hope you get your smiley face soon image

  • I use the cb ones, the empty circle means no ov, The instructions say that the lines do not mean anything and you should ignore them. keep testing until your smiley face x
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