CBFM yes or no?

am now onto month 6 of TTC and said a while ago that if nothing happens within 6months I would get a CBFM
...well, now I am nearly there and not so sure...so I wanted to ask you ladies who have one.

Is it worth it? I have regular cycles(+/- 1day) and know fairly well when I OV.
Does it make you more relaxed or does it make you more obsessed?

Am sure people have different opinions so I would be pleased if as many of you as possible can leave a lil comment.



  • Hi shuck. Hope you don't mind me crashing. I got a CBFM after a year or so. Like you, I was regular and was pretty sure when I ov'd. The CBFM pt my mind at rest that I WAS ov'ing and it also taught me that it could vary by about + / - 3 days. I did find though that it put a lot of pressure on us when I saw highs and peaks. If you get one I'd say to not give your OH a running update on how close you are getting to ov'ing. The other thing to let you know is that I got my BFP the month I ditched my CBFM. If you can get one for a decent price I'd say give it a whirl.

    Good luck!

    K x
  • Hi Shuck, I think it is worth it . I have a Persona machine which is the same thing as a CBFM.
    Sometimes it can vary and you dont always OV the same day each month so it just takes the guess work out of it and I think makes like easier.
  • Well that's an easy question. The answer is "yes"! What do I win?? :\)

    My cbfm has really helped me feel in control of my body. While like you I have a regular cycle, I have found that I don't ov when the text books say I should and this month ov'd two days after my ewcm.

    You can get some good deals on them on the interweb. I got mine from Amazon. I've also seen them on ebay, but I've never ebay'd so I;m a bit shy of it!

  • Hello - I'm glad you asked this as I have been pondering the same thing! I think I am going to do another month without and then buy one if nothing happens this month. I'd say go for it - you gave yourself the 6 month 'target' so I'd stick with it!x
  • I would say buy it!!! Even though I haven't had my BPF yet, it really gives me a peice of mind as in to when I ov xx
  • Hey Shuck,

    I'm on my 2nd month with mine and am loving it. It reassures me that I am OV'ing and then I know if we have given it a good shot! This month we only BD'd on 1 of the peaks and and also 2 days before the peaks so we don't BD just because it says we should but I know where I am and exactly how many DPO I am.

    As one of the other ladies said if you shop around they don't have to cost too much and if you find you don't get on with it you can always sell it again xx
  • Yes, definetly get one. I LOVE mine and got my BFP last time on the very first cycle of using it! I'm pretty sure that they're half price on Amazon at the moment too, although I got mine from ebay for ??50 with a full pack of testing sticks.

    If you're going to buy it, try and get it either before AF is due or as soon as your AF arrives as you have to start using it within the first 5 days of your AF starting.

    Come and have a chat with us on the CBFM thread too and see what we're saying about it.

  • I'd say yes, but then I have irreg cycle lengths and ov times so it has been more useful for me.

    It took me 8months to get pg, but then MC'd at 8 weeks. got my cbfm after my MC, and really helped to know exactly what my cycles were doing and that I was cycling again.

    like someone else said it can make BD'ing a little pressured. this month I wouldn't tell hubby when peaks were and we had more fun that wayimage

    if I could go back and buy mine earlier I would!

  • I think i am going to but one this month as well..xx
  • It makes my life easier to know what is going on ! Not sure if it is the same with CBFM but mine takes a month maybe two to get to know your cycle so dont panic if nothing happens the first month
  • thanks so much for your replies ladies.
    I think I will go for it but wait another month because January is a bad month for extra expenses so soon after xmas.
  • Oh, and buy batteries cos they don't come with them! Triple A's I think.
  • YES, YES, YES!!!

    I love mine, best money I ever spent. Takes the stress out trying to figure out if you're ov or not ov'ing. I was ov'ing much much later than all the ov calculaters said so would never have got pregnant had I not bought it.

    I got mine for ??50 on amazon and was worried about th eexpense but really was worth every penny x x
  • Can you use the cbfm if your cycle length varies? i came off the pill in aug and have had a 28, 34 and 23 day cycle so no idea when im really gonna come on. ive started using opks this month, but may end up bankrupting myself as i started testing on cd10
  • Kaiti B, yes you can use it if it varies, good luck!

  • hey,

    I agree with broodybeth - I've used my cbfm properley this cycle and actually got a day where the (i dont really know what to call them - so i'll call them 'bars' for now - so - i got 2 out of 3 bars then got 3 days of 3 bars so - peak - and at least i know i am OVing.

    i would definitely say '"yes - get one".

    i can't really give an oppinnion on it's success rate because it's been 1 month - hopefully i'll be able to give a positive update on it soon (fingers crossed)

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