Advice needed...

Hi Everyone,

Right here I go with the story so far...
I ovulated on cd17 and then 9dpo got what I think is an implantation bleed, just a little bit of brown discharge when i wiped, never had anything like this before. I POAS on 10dpo and this morning at 11dpo and both were a BFN!! Is it just that I've tested too early or that maybe I'm just not pregnant. Its driving me insane!!
I'm thinking of re-testing on weds and if still BFN then do it again on sat before excepting that I might not be pregnant after all!

Any advice??????!! x


  • Agree with KA but especially if you only implanted at 9dpo, as 10dpo and 11dpo would be way too early to pick up the hcg - don't worry just test again in a few days as the hormone takes time to get into your urine after implantation. Good luck.x
  • Thanx ladies, thats helped put my mind at ease!! I think I'm just being way too impatient!! The two week wait is just torture!!! I used the sainsburys ones. I'll update u when I re-test on weds. Fingers crossed for a BFP!! x
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