My Hubby.....

I am so nervous my hubby is at the doctors this morning to see if all okay with the swimmers!

Men hate this kind of thing, I think he is worried they will give him a paper cup and a dirty mag!
I think they will refer him to a hospitol. Has anyone else had any experience with this?


  • Hi,
    We nearly got to this stage, my OH went to the docs too and he gave him a number to contact at the hospital and a sample pot. At ours you had to call to arrange a drop off time for the "specimen". But I got my BFP (a year ago now) before he needed to drop anything off so i'm not sure after that. But i got the impression that you do your sample at home and drop it off within a certain amount of time. Good luck, I hope his swimmers are swimming!! xx
  • Just saw your question on my post, I only used the cheap ov stiocks, I bought them on home health's website. They worked for me as long as i didn't drink or wee for 4 hours before. We were trying for 13 months last year before i'd even heard of an OPK, i got pg the first month i used them and i've pretty much had 3 bfps now whilst using the cheap ones xx
  • Thanks Jackie .... I dont think it is him as like you we had a BFP 2 years ago (mc) but nothing since ...

    I work with my Hubby so am sitting here waiting for him to get in ! i had to nag him to go as he has son already and we got a BFP but i said lots can happen in 2 years

    Your BFP is such good news, I really feel for you it must be so hard to relax and enjoy after your history but please try.. easy for me to say !
  • you are right Jackie he has been reffered for a blood test and for swimmers test.. next friday.
    They did say it is probably not that has his history suggests , i reckon I will be having more tests before the month is out ... unless this month works

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