She got me

Well AF found me. But I am not dissapointed as it was only our first month ttc and deep down I knew we hadnt got a bean. So on to month two.

But do I count today as CD1 or yesterday?? Because last night just before I went to bed I went to the toilet and (sorry this is going to be to much TMI so your warned) I had a teany tiny bit of bloody goup. But this morning AF has fully arrived. So not sure what day I should be counting from? :\? :\?


  • i would say today as CD1 as they say 1st day of full flow sorry she got you sweet but onwards and upwards x x
  • hi hun, AF found me to! so on to next month, CD1 is the first day where you are full flow having your period, so i guess today is your CD1.
    good luck for next month xxxx
  • Thanks MJ

    Good luck to you too MrsPointin. xx
  • hun, sorry she got you but you seem to have great pma. loads of luck for this
  • Sorry she found you, hun.
    But you are so positive.
    am sure you get your BFP soon! Good luck
  • Sorry honey, at least you hadn't got your hopes up like I did last month. I had the symptoms tho but just AF bein a B***H!
    Come around soon enough Im ready now to start BDing ready for OV.
    Good luck this month and keep the PMA!
    H x

  • Good attitude Charlie's Wife! I'm treating this 1st month as a practice run. Fingers crossed for BFP sticky for you and Mr B this time round - fab xmas present! xxx

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