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anyone else home alone on a Fri night!!!!

hubby at work and my friend went about an hour ago!! we drank a bottle of wine between us!! so all good!! little one snuggled up in bed!! yaaay!!

well me and hubby been talking and i think i may have managed to reach a compromise re the having a baby or not saga!! i have given him the reasons why and i think they and my tears seem to have maybe worked!! i have said that we will try till october which will be a year of trying and if it hasn't happened by then we will stop and i can put 200% into our little man and his starting big school in September!!

he is having a think and then we will either talk when he gets in from work or over the weekend!! have my fingers crossed at the mo!! i sooooo want to be prego again!! my little dude is 4 and half so not a baby any more and i look after my friends 18 month old who is the best baby ever in the whole world and it really does not help my broodiness!!!

any whoo anyone else home alone and bored!!

j x


  • Im all alone too image my oh isn't home til monday and I've just dropped my little sister off at home.

    I hope that you get your BFP before October, and don't have to give up...would you go back to contraception or just stop actively ttc?
    Good luck and baby dust xx
  • sorry been reading the longest wedding report ever on YAYW (link in planning!!!)

    i think i would prob get the coil temporarily and then oh would get the snippety doo dah!!!

    bored doesn't even describe how i am right now!!
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