How are we all taking our temps please?

Hope you're all ok girls.

Never taken temps before and just wondered how we are doing this. I have a Calpol digital ear thermometer for my LO. Can I use that or is there a special one I need? Prefer to keep costs down as have gone a bit OPK mad recently!

Thanks ladies,
baby dust to all xxx


  • hi hun, im not sure about the ear thermometer. does is read to 2 point digits. i ordered my first one from amazon sure is only cost me a couple of ??????'

    im sure i just searched for bbt
  • Hey hun, everything I have read about bbt refers to it being taken orally or vaginally - but it might be worth doing a bit of google searching to see if you can do it via your ear. Similarly to angel though my thermometer didn't cost much either so won't be too bad if you do need to get one : ) Good luck!!.x.
  • I use a boots digital thermometer, under my tongue btw! lol! x
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