any ideas what it could be??

hey ladies, im on CD 23 today, this morning i had some sharp pains (kinda like period) in my uterus area, didnt last long but enough to realise. then again this afternoon i had another which was a bit stronger but didnt last long again. ive also felt nausea at times too. Do you think the pains could be implantation or am i too late in my cycle to experience that if it was? i dont remember having them with my daughter but i supose i wasnt looking out for anything then.
Caz x x


  • how many days past ovulation are you/when are you due AF? if you have a "textbook" cycle then there is a chance it is implantation but you never can tell.
    good luck hun - keep us updated! lots of pma to you xxx
  • Thanks hun, Think i ovulated between the 24-27th june, not too sure exactly of when, but i got positive results on opk a few days running on these dates. AF should be due on 14th july.
    Caz x x
  • It could be implantation then as that can take a while to happen - good luck xx
  • Implantation bleeding can be mistaken for af arriving. So implantaion can happen anywhere from 7dpo to af time! Good luck. xx
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