Anyone around CD11? Cycle buddies wanted!

Hi all

I can't find my original post so have lost my cycle buddies! Any ladies on here around CD11? or any that just fancy a natter to get us through the waiting?

Baby dust to all xxx

Jen ximage


  • Hi Jennifuree,

    I'm still here and on CD11. This waiting bit is boring, isn't it? I'm using the clearblue fertility monitor and just started poas two days ago but they're all coming back low fertility so far [as expected]. I think I'll be peaking sometime around Easter Sunday.

    How are you getting on?

  • Hi ladies im CD 11 to and due to ovulate around easter to how are you ladies? x
  • Hey

    I'm on CD 10 image no idea when i'm going to ovulate, not using ov sticks this month cos I get too hung up with poas, so we're BD every other day at least and gonna go every day over easter which is when the online calculator things say i'll ov image

  • so how long have you all been trying for?
  • just a little word of warning when it comes to the on line calculators.. i was going by them for 3 months, then i bought a cbfm and it turns out i'm ovulating 4 days later than the calculators said i should according to my dates etc..... good luck!! x
  • This is the sixth month of trying for us. I think I will probably be ovulating around about Easter Mon or perhaps the Tues after. I also use the CBFM and realised I was ovulating later than the online calculators told me, too. But I think bd'ing every other day covers all eventualities. We just don't have the energy to do that image so the CBFM comes in handy to narrow down the window of opportunity.

  • hiya girlies, im CD8 dunno if that counts? came off my pill 28th jan, hoping to OV soon! has some little tummy niggles today so im thinking i may OV in a few days woohoo! and yes rusky12 i agree, i dont have a CBFM, but i used to go by the online fertility calculators, but i think i OV a bit earlier so theyre not much good really image hoping for BFPs soon! xxxxx
  • hubby just came home with cb ov tests - not the digital ones though, but at least we wont miss our chance this month - even though i'm going become obsessed with poas.... still gonna try and BD every other day as well - he thinks all his christmasses have come at once lol

  • my first month of tryin, been using opk's got a slight line this afternoon x
  • Hiya girls ..... CD13 today will use my CBD OPK's from 2moro as only have 5 and should also OV on easter mon/tues so will have just enough!

    This is month 4 of trying although the first 2 months I didn't come on here so didn't have a clue about OPK's and just hoped for the best now I'm all scientific! lol

    Baby dust to all xxx
  • Got a peak on my CBFM today without getting any highs before it. A bit early for me but better get bd'g image. Hope you all have good weekends.
  • Hey everyone - got smiley face on cbd ov test this afternoon.... hows everyone else doing?
    how regularly are you bd? we doing it every other night since af finished, did it on fri, sat and now tonight and tomorrow (is that too much?)
  • Hiya Mrs Owen I also got a smiley today so will be BD either tonight or 2moro... would do it more but OH gets stressed about it so we don't!

    Good luck to you and all the other ladies! hows everyone else getting on?
  • CD18 now and my CBFM has me back to lows so I guess I'm back at the beginning of the dreaded 2ww. We bd'd on both my peak days, my high day and probably tonight for good measure so also four days in a row, Mrs Owen. However, I don't know whether that would increase chances of BFP as it takes time to replenish the sperm in between.

    We didn't have the energy to bd every other day during the run up to ovulation although I think that that is a good strategy.

    Good luck all and hope to hear from you soon [keep each other sane during the waiting image
  • Hi Bubblicious - am on the 2ww like yourself so we will have to keep each other from SS as lots of ladies been getting BFP on 10DPO but I can't test that early as it doesn't work!

    Fingers crossed and baby dust to all that we join the DID thread xx
  • I'm on the 2ww too.... what date are you going to test?
  • Hi Mrs Owen I intend to test around the 20th as never get a positive when I test early - what abut you?
  • af due on 18th but we're away for the weekend, so i've agreed with OH to test the fri 16th before we go - and promised not to test while away but i dont know if i'll hold out that long. when i got bfp before mc, i got it 5 days before af due, but im going to try hard to hold out till 16th
  • ooohhh good luck with that I would love to test early but my last two preg didn't shoe up until a week after AF was due .... am hoping that it will show on AF due date this time so I can test!
  • I try not to test until after AF should have arrived, too, Jennifuree. I think I was 6 weeks with DS before I'd poas.

    AF due on 18th too, Mrs Owen but think I won't be poas until 24th/25th if AF still hasn't arrived.
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