a 24 hour period.. has anyone had imp bleed?

I was due on about SUnday and late in the afternoon had a bit of pinky stuff when wiped so used a tampon which on the evening was only stained brown (sorry this is yuk and tmi). No bleed or anything over the night. Then yesterday used two tampons in 12 hours and neither were 'full' and both brown. Overnight and tonight there is nothing at all although yesterday when felt (sorry!) I could get some pinky/watery stuff but nothing in knickers.
Sunday would have been about 7/8 days post ov i think and cycles are normally short (26).
I had a massive temp drop but it went back up a few days later but stopped charting as presumed was on period.
Hmmm don't think this has happened before to me. Any advice? Think is maybe too much for imp bleeding but why only have an odd 24 hr period then?!!!


  • Hi justmarried. It sounds promising! I had implantation bleed with my last pregnancy. I thought it was AF and used a couple of tampons, then it stopped. A day or two later I started feeling sick and had sore boobs, tested and got a BFP.
    Good luck!
    George, x
  • hmmm trying so hard not to get excited especially as spots are a bit worse and have had some cramps last few days. Would only be about 10 days post ov anyway so wouldn't expect symptoms? That said have had bad headache today and a bit naseous but think that's due to all the wondering and checking knickers every hour or so!!!
  • Hi

    g/c from due in July. I had implantation bleeding. Mine was 11 dpo and I bled for about an hour when I wiped. It was quite red but I think everyone is different. I had period like cramps too which are a pregnancy symptom.

    I'd already got a bfp at 10dpo with first response so the implantation was after this. You could get a bfp now on some tests if you test with first morning urine. Good luck

    Steph (25 weeks)
  • It sounds good, fingers crossed for you. Are you going to test? x
  • I'm confused broody.com. How would a preg test work if implantation not happened? or do you mean that you had a bleed after your bfp. sorry if i am being thick!!
    I'm not convinced.Hubby said have to wait until Fri to test and i'm not sure i would get a bfp this early anyway. Goin to see if af comes back in the next day or so....i'm sure it will...boo where is it?!!!
  • Sounds promising. Test and good luck! x
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