got my BFP..... BUT....

surely this can't be right?!

I normally post in TTC After MC but i thought i might try this out on the wider forum to see if anyone has had anything similar.....

Ok so, i tested last night... i was in no way due to test but my new lot of tests had arrived and i don't know why but i decided to test. So imagine my surprise when a BFP appeared... and not even a faint one... a DARK BFP!!

A bit of background to my cycles are:

MC 23rd April
AF 21st May - this was 2 days light flow, 2 days heavy, 1 day light (normal for me)
OV 7th June (using CBFM)
AF 21st June - this was 1 day of spotting, 1 day of light flow, 1 day of spotting - stopped. (not normal for me)
OV 1st July (using CBFM)

So i apparantly ovulated last Thursday, and strangely enough i did do a pregnancy test on the Wednesday night and got a really really faint positive line which i dismissed. I actually mentioned this on Lampiekats thread (in TTC after MC). Again no real reason to do one, but it was actually my last test and i had just ordered more. But as i said i just totally dismissed it.

So i did a clearblue digital this morning with fmu and it is a positive with 2-3 weeks.

I am very confused And really scared it may be a chemical pregnancy.

If it is a real BFP then i can only assume that my last AF was not a real one, and the readings on the CBFM are knocked out of sync due to the pregnancy hormone. I know when i was still getting a positive after my MC i showed i was ovulating 3 times in that first month.

I am going to use the other clearblue test in a few days time and see if it changes to 3+ weeks, cos if it does then that would tie in with my OV in June.

I have been feeling a bit sicky on and off, and it has planted some seeds of thought in my mind but i really was dismissing everything as it got my AF. With my last pregnancy i thought i was due to killer painful boobs, but i really don't have that at all now.

What do you guys think?????? I am so fecking scared!!! Should i go the docs? Should i just wait a few days and test again?



  • Hiya, I'm not sure about the ov'ing as have never used CBFM but I got my BFP last Friday and had three days of spotting - apparently sometimes people do bleed around the time AF would have been due. Maybe get a doctors appointment to put your mind at rest? Congrats and see you over in March 2011 forum! xx
  • The bleeding could have been impantation, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get a 2-3 weeks on a CBD if you weren't PG, so CONGRATULATIONS!

    Speak to the doctor and see what they say x
  • hiya, and congrats, sorry to hear about ur mc, im thinking this is ur month image cbd, wouldnt say 2-3 weeks if u was actualy pg, so sending u lots of luck and stickyness image xxxxx
  • Thanks girls!

    I really hope this is it and we have a success this time. But trying not to get excited.

    Got a docs appointment for Friday avo. Going to beg them to take blood cos in my experience they just take your word for it but surely given my situation they will test me to confirm?!

  • Just wanted to say congratulations! Good luck at the docs, and hope they offer you blood test so that you can put your mind to rest..
    Hope you have a H&H 9 months ahead
  • Congratulations!!!!

    I agree, ur June "AF" was probably implantation - so pleased for you. H&H durinig pregnancy..

  • g/c to say Congrats

    I never got a 1-2 with my chem so to get a 2-3 image
    Also when i was preg with my son i bleed all the time light/med through out the whole preg x
    And please dont worry that this preg is diff coz thats a good thing in my eyes... I had 2 mc last year and when i got my BFP this year it was totally different from preg ending in mc i am now 18wks and doing well xx

    Huge Congrats xx
  • I agree with everyone - I suspect you got your bfp from your June ov as that would put you at about the right time for a bfp now (possibly your urine was diluted a bit last wednesday night hence only a faint +ve) but if you got a bfp from the July 1st ov it would not detect yet as you're not enough dpo. I am guessing your cbfm is picking up hcg and not just the lh so it's telling you you've ov'd.

    I wouldn't just ask them to draw serial betas (hcg's) on you (which is what they did on me after I got my bfp following mc) as if you did catch on your June ov you will be about 7 weeks (on next Friday when you go in) by my calc from your last proper af in May so you should ask for an early scan as at 7 weeks beta hcg's don't mean much and you should be able to see a heartbeat! I hope that makes sense!

    Congrats hun - I hope it's a sticky one for you! image
  • Thank you all so much for all the positive replies!! Feeling much more confident about it than I was this morning.

    Keeping my fingers crossed this one is a keeper

  • Good luck for friday xxx
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