Anyone get a -ve on a FR then later get a +ve?

I'm due on AF tomorrow, so I thought that since I've had lots of symptoms this week (dizziness, headaches, "different" cramps) that I'd do a sneaky FR this evening. It was a -ve and I'm so disappointed. We've been trying for 15 months and did absolutely everything right. We've had tests done and all was fine and we're just waiting for the referral to a consultant for further stuff.

Anyone else have this and get a positive later?


  • hi
    i was due yesterdat to test today it n but i was 7weeks with my 1st and line was still very faint.

    Dont no if thats any help
  • I was due last Tuesday, so I d did a test on the Monday which was a BFN. She still hadn't showed by Thursday so I did another test and it was a BFP. I did another one yesterday and that was also BFP.
    At such an early stage you would still be better using first morning urine.
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