Who is on the 2ww for OV?

I am image On my cd2 and so now just wait for these weeks to go by an will try my hardest to look out for OV though I am also going to try hard not to stress about it and just BD every two days if we can and take it from there. I feel this way tonight but wait till two weeks times. I keep saying just relax it will happen but you can't help geting worked up about things and getting pulled into it .

K xx


  • CD 5 for me, so I'm with you! xx
  • I'm CD13 and hoping for PEAK on my CBFM tomorrow so only be with you a couple of days but wanted to wish you luck!
  • Thanks Tansey, you too! xx
  • im hoping ill be with u no af yet due 31st may tested today and i think its a faint line but think its an evap cheap ebay test just started to get mild cramps so hope af will be here by the morning
  • Still with you as no PEAK on monitor! So how are we all today? When are you due to OV?
  • if my cylce is as as long as normal i'm due tomorrow but last month was 10 days longer so i'm not getting my hopes up yet. gonna see how i go this week and maybe test at weekend. have just started trying after nine months break due to change in job. last time i used to test reallye early and end up disappointed so i'm trying to hold tight this time. have got really sore boobs but that is quite normal for me when af arrives so not reading anything into anyting. only bizarre thing is that yesterday i had a sever migraine which hasn't happened to me for many years. i did start with one last year and a few days later had a very very early mc so not sure if anyone knows if migraine is a sympton of pg????

    anyway guys good luck to you all!! and i will keep you posted.
  • Hi girls,

    How are we all this morning?? Well i am on CD3 and as heavy as ever!! Being my first AF since I came off the pill so I did not expected anything else.

    I think i am due to ov Next friday so really about wed next week should be the start but thats going by 14 days after AF and it might not be that. I will try to keep an eye on my cervix and cm but last month I did have high cervix and pain but no ewcm so who knows whats going on.

    Nice to know though i have some girls with me on this run image

    K xx
  • Dont worry K-Lou, my first one after the pill was a little different. No EWCM, pains etc but my 2nd one was text book. 28 days, got the pains, the ewcm etc etc. I think im about to start the 2ww before OV too I think. Im due on in 2 days and im convinced we havent done it. Why is everything about a god dam 2ww!!!!!

  • Hi Gemma

    Oh really thats soo good as I was so worried i am not OV right. I really hope you have done it honey and that you have your BFP image

    Thank you

    K xx
  • I think I may ov around 12th, 13th. Great Friday the 13th! Mind you although I'm a bit superstitious, it's never really been a bad date for me...so who knows?? I'm on CD 6, and no red blood anymore, but hasn't finished yet! Just waiting for ov, and all my aches and twinges to re-surface!! lol

    I agree Gemma, I've never wished time away so much in my life!! xx
  • I was rubbish on my last 2ww I can't be like that again. I am going to trying my very hardest to just chill out about the whole thing though it is sooo hard!

    K xx
  • Im on cd19 and think i should ov tomorrow, i will go pee on my ov stick after 12 today to see if i get a smiley face! Its so frustrating waiting for ov to happen, especially when it doesnt happen early. Just hope i havent missed it!! Good luck for our june bfps. xxx
  • hi got my af this morning so will be joining you all again
  • Ohhh im sorry to hear your af arrived hun, fingers crossed for next month. xxx
  • Oh i am sorry to hear you got your AF image though just think now you have you it you can get this out of the way and then start trying again image

    K xx
  • My af arrived this am as well so I'm in on the 2ww for ov.
  • Oh babe i am sorey she found you image

    K xx
  • Hi K-Lou, looks like our cycle is pretty similar last month. I am on CD 3 today image using CBFM. I was feeling very quietly confident before Sat that I may get a BFP because of sore boobs, cramping, you name it I had it but as usual AF decided to arrive... only 2 days late...... I am looking forward to finishing and ttc again this month but am going to relax and drink lots of water. Good luck to you and hope you get a BFP soon xxx
  • I have heard drinking loads of water is good actually to increase cm I don;t really drink very much of it so will really have to start to up that.

    I think I have stopped bleed or slowing down anyway as i have been soo heavy sat night and all day yesterday but this morning was only a very small bit and now nothing at all image

    K xx
  • It's getting closer..... xx
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