another stupid question coming..

how long does OV last for and would you have symptons for 5 or 6 days x


  • oh and if i never used to get period pains til the day i started bleeding before can that change? I just read that you can get cramping a week to 2 weeks before AF so thats worried me now x
  • Hey, it's not stupid, I think you notice a lot more when you're TTC. I ovulated on CD12 but was getting pains from CD8 onwards.

    I think your cycle can always change, which is why it's difficult to tell if pre AF cramps are from AF or pg. Are you in the 2ww and having cramps? x
  • yeah i am hun. I feel diff. I came off the pill last nov until jan but then went back on it coz i didnt wanna be on for my wedding day. My cycles in that time were 42 then 37 (ish) and i didnt get these cramps this early then. Only got af pains on the day i bleed. Sorry im not making much sense at all x
  • No I get what you mean :\) It's hard to say whether is pg symptoms or whether your cycles are settling.

    I haven't been on the pill for years but took Norethisterone to delay my period over wedding in Jan and it affected 2 of my cycles. Back to normal now though but I am feeling every twinge! Just take it a day at a time x
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