cd2. . . sunday roast n big fat pudding for me!

hi ya. . Well i decided to cook my husband a lovely roast lunch and
perhaps even bake a cake lol. . I also coloured my own hair yesterday! Which i never do. . And do you no what. . It looks just as good so saved myself 60 pound!. . So might invest in a cbfm?. .
Its so nice i have found this site so i can air my feelings about ttc because some people think
" oh god she obsessed but am not really i just want to start family with my husband. . I don't think that's such
a bad thing he he x X


  • Ah booey, I'm exactly the same it's just sooo hard to get BFN. Good idea with the roast dinner, yum!

    I've bought a CBFM for next month so we could move from SMEP together to CBFM together!!


    ps can i have a slice of cake?
  • ha ha yes good idea. . Im gonna look on e bay later for one. .
    i kinda no am gonna get bfn when i test sometimes but ya can't help it lol. .
    Well hope you like chocolate cake lol. . Chocolate all they way for me!
    Im thinking around cd 8 bd every other day? X X
  • Hmmmm, i am a cocolate addict, seriously! You've just made me book in for a pub roast at a gorgeous pub near us i fancied one so much when you said.
    I reckon every other day sounds good. As long as you don't have too long cycles cos i do and found i kinda lost steam before ovulation

  • I know what you mean, been trying for 4 months to give my ds a little bro or sis and it's really hard seeing that bfn.

    I'm also on cd2 today, but am really pleased not had period 3 months and been told i have pcos. Really hope this is a good month for both of us.

    Lots of baby dust x x

  • Ooohhh... a roast, yummy! If I wasn't so anxious, I would eat one too. This babymaking lark is not good for my stress levels. I have suffered with anxiety for yonks and in the last year or two had much better control on it - until we started trying. Now I am a nervous wreck again. Anyone elese get like that? The last few days before Af are agony for me. I wonder what roast is in French? I did make a roast chicken Monday, but we ate it cold with lashings of mayo and baguette.
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