EWCM question

hi everyone,

since coming off the pill in november, i have never had EWCM - i have had 2, 46 day cycles and think that this cycle, everything is 'back to normal' - or at least, the pill is completely out of my system, as i've had spots etc and never normally have them.

i am about 11 days away from OV (if i go from 46 day cycle) and am starting OPK's tonight. had an increase on BBT this morning....
i went to toilet just now and when i wiped there was LOTS of EWCM, i have never had this before and wondered if this happens, before - during - or after OV?
it seems that if this is OV - which i am sure it is, as i have cramps on my right hand side - then my cycle is shorter this month (which again makes me think the pill has come out of system and everything is working normally again)

i am so scared i missed our opportunity, as we havent BD for about 4 days, as we didnt think i would OV for a while!


  • EWCM happens a day or 2 before ov so get BD'ing image xx

  • WOO! thanks huni!
    i have already text hubbie to put an order in for some BDing later!!! haha!
    am just so happy i have some EWCM this time round, as never had it before! x
  • hi littlewolf - not really sure to be honest, as i have never had it before - but i will bump this back up to see if anyone else can help!
    my CM yesterday was quite creamy really (although, hard to tell, as it was on white toilet paper!) but def stretchy and not thick. i did OV test when i got home and it was a DEF positive. does this mean if i BD yesterday i should be ok? or do you think the lack of BD the days before could scupper my plans?! xx
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