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Hi my husband came home tonight and said he wanted to try for baby number 3 just out of nowhere.Bit of history we have 2 girls Lexie will be 3 in oct and Leah who was 1 in march.it took 3 years to get pregnant with Lexie and 1 month to get pregnant with Leah.Now my husband and i have had a few problems this year which resulted in me leaving with the girls for a few weeks then going back to try again and as much as i would love to have baby number 3 asap i feel we might need to work through things a bit more so my question is do you think i should just go for it and continue to work through things or wait until i am 100% i also had a surprise while we were apart i found out i was pregnant then had a m/c. i do really want baby number 3 infact i want 5 in total if i am lucky enough and hubby also wants 5 we have almost worked through all our issues so i am very tempted to just go for it as i can see us growing old together he is my soulmate corny as it sounds and he made a mistake but he has changed his ways and i am probably at fault a bit too i am also undecided as i know work will be difficult as i fell pregnant while on my year off after dd1 and i know the area manager asked if the only reason i was going back to work again when i went back after dd2 was i was pregnant again i know i am entilted to mat pay again as i have had continuous employment i am just a bit worried they might make things difficult for me if i get pregnant again soonish. so your honest opinions please ladies as i am very tempted to just go for it which i wouldnt consider if we werent in a good place and everythng almsot resolved


  • Hi! Didn't want to R&R, but not really sure what to say. It really depends on what your issues are, as another baby isn't going to make life any easier. Don't worry about work - the law has you covered!
    But I'd suggest only TTC if you're BOTH 100% sure you want another baby.
    Good luck.
  • Id agree with missusG you both need to be a 100% sure you want another baby.
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