needs a slap!!!

Im only 8dpo and im already getting that urge to test! i promised myself i wouldnt do it this month!!

normally get af symptoms before now, stomach ache, spots and sore boobs but iv had nothing yet except a few sharp pains in my lower stomach!!

feeling very very positive though!!!! wish it was the 8th now! i want to test!!


  • getting closer as we speak hun image
  • wait missy dont test too early x
  • Oh I am the same!!!! I'm 7dpo and keep thinking I want to test!!!!!
    I did do an opk yesterday, I don't know why because that's going to tell me bugger all lol!
    I've promised myself I'm not going to test until Sunday and again only with an opk just to see if it's worth my getting an hpt!
    I feel really positive too about this month too really hope I'm not dosapointed!
  • thanks girls! i no theres no point testing yet! i once tested at like 4dpo im a total poas addict!!

    oooooo mrs waggy we could get our BFP at the same time!!!

    fingers crossed image
  • Ah I really hope so!!! Xxx
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