ov test, faint stripes for 3 days, did I ovulate?

Trying out OV test strips for the first time ever. On CD 13, 14 and15, there was a faint second stripe. According to the instructions, if the second stripe is fainter than the first (the control) then the test counts as negative. But if that's the case then I can't have ovulated this month. Can that happen?


  • I tried them and I always feel ov(they came free with some preseed). I only got very faint lines on the day before and the day of ov. I drink a lot and did cut down and tested in an evening so I'd keep bding if I were you as long as you get some sort of line. The day after I oved there was no line at all.
    Good luck!!xxx
  • I tried them and didnt have much luck either no result or a negative best to just bd lots and hope u catch it! xx
  • I got mine free too, with pre-seed! I didn't even get a +ve, but have definitely had ov pain! xx
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