possible signs?

Hi ladies,

quick question, my boobs are sore but only round the side and underneath, i have a lot of cm, i usually get period pain about a week or more before i'm due on and so far nothing, and for the last few days i keep thinking i can taste blood. Does this sound hopeful?

Oh and the other thing is i am completely not interested in sex, which is not like me, i have been pregnant 3 times before (3 miscarriages) and i remember losing interest then too!

Thanks image


  • Fingers crossed for ya hun! When are you testing? xx
  • Well i don't have regular cycles but last month was my shortest at 29 days. This month looks like it's going to be the same as i got the ewcm for a few days and then really bad pains in my ovary 2 weeks ago this Saturday, so if i get af this Sat then that'll be 29 days... (i don't use opks or anything so that's all i have to go off but i got the same last month) So i think i'll keep an eye on my ''symptoms'' and if they are still there or get worse probably test on boxing day!
    I suppose the biggest thing is i have no period pain, and i usually get heartburn before af too. I usually get both at least a week before.
    I really hope we've done it this month, otherwise i have to wait 6 months before trying again image

    Thanks and fingers crossed for everyone this month image
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