PMA gone from :\) to :cry:

I don't know why this has happened. I went to the toilet earlier and just thought "oh i have had any spotting". I don't know what what made me think it like but i am now 8dpo with no spotting and i just don't feel pregnant.

I thought i would be ok with not getting a BFP this month because then i can use my CBFM again in December but i have just decided i really want a baby this month lol.

I WILL be pregnant :roll:

Sorry ladies, i just get these lil downers every so often.

I am so glad i can come here and vent because if i say it to OH i usually get "we will have a baby babe" and that doesn't REALLY help me does it!!!!

Tink xx


  • I know it's easier said than done - been there done that. But you must relax more. It took us 14 months to conceive our 1st (although I did have PCODS then).

    We resigned ourself to the fact that I would never get pg, then once we had took the pressure off. Simply had unprotected sex instead of "trying for a baby" and I got pg within weeks. You release a stress hormone when stressed obviously and your body will react to this.

    Just keep relaxed hun - and I promise it wil happen!! xx
  • thank you for your comment ccbmommy - people always tell me that but i am a person that gets stressed so easily and just from ttc!!!

    i have taken your words on board though :\)

  • I know how you feel..... I wish my PMA would remain high.

    Its very stressful all this monitoring and then waiting and hoping for the best.

    Fingers crossed tho

  • It's like when you were single and everyone said - stop looking and Mr Right will show up.

    Now - stop trying to get pregnant and ..... you won't actually get pregnant - which doesn't work! But stop worrying and maybe that will help.

    It WILL happen - when it's supposed to. Unfortunately we just don't know when that is (but it would be nice)

    I'm now on CD4 and waiting for AF to go so I can get back in the saddle (ahem!)

    Wishing you a bucket of baby dust - but also lots of calming thoughts xxx
  • Lol at CTB - back in the saddle eh?

    Well when i stopped looking for my mr right he really did come along. I am glad i have my CBFM as it helps me to know when i ovulate but i think apart from that i am just going to have sex regularly and BD properly on peak days!!!

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