One more week!

I have 1 more week to wait! This ttc malarky is really quite stressful, every little twinge is being analysed and researched!!

Very sleepy, don't want to go food shopping (not buying any poas either!) - generally having a moan! lol!

Hope you girlies are all ok!

Hugs and babydust all round


  • hey sweet i have 1 ww left too am due AF on the 2nd now i ov late image so a long cycle for me this month 32 days image image image

    Before i started TTC i had bang on 28 day cycles now i am anything from 28 days till this month longest 32 days image image image

    Hope you get your BFP next week!!!!!
  • I'm on my 2ww as well, testing 5th Dec - I'm not due AF til 7/8th but that's the longest I can wait!! I'm symptom spotting as well, every little thing is being analysed :lol:

    Good luck girls, hope we all get our Christmas beans image xx
  • Thanks MJ and Huni, will be thinking of you both next week. Wishing my life away at the moment! lol! :lol:
  • Hey ladies!

    I'm annoyed with myself for giving in and POAS this morning even though I'm only 9DPO. It was a negative but now I've lost all my PMA image

  • Oh babs, I'm sending you POAS in bucket loads. Remember that normally the hormones aren't at a high enough level to be read until after the day your AF is due.

    Its not over till AF sings!

    Hugs xxx :\)
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