feeling very proud of myself!!

a while back now i wrote on here saying how i had been avoiding my friend who was 16 weeks pregnant, i realise this is nasty of me so i went to see her today. it was so much easier than i thought it would be and she was so considerate of my feelings asking how i was getting on and offering me support. now i regret avoiding her for so long but what is done is done, she didnt mind and i was honest with her which she respected. i no this isnt important to any of you guys but felt the need to express my thoughts!!! xxx


  • well done to you!!

    i had a mmc back in december and a few weeks later my cousin had a little boy, i avoided everyone who had children at that point, but decided i would go and see her. it was so much easier than i thought! i even decided to have a lil hold!

    again well done!! xx
  • well done hun! i used to be like that around babies, i love them, but seeing one made me so sad! but i just shut my feelings to the back of my head and got on with it, and actualy eing around babies and PG poeple makes me feel better as it calms down my baby obsessed mind for at least 10 mins! lol

    sorry to hear about your mmc, good to see your back TTC good luck girlies!!! xxxxx
  • *me* i noticed on my other post that you are on same cycle day to me. using my CBFM for the 2nd time this month, did my first test today and already its on high fertility on CD8 so fingersed crossed!!!

    young_mummy, i also had mmc 2months ago and understand what an emotional rollacoster it is. good luck ttc and hope you get your BFP soon!!! xx
  • Hi hun

    I was a bit the same to be honest when one of our friends announced at xmas time in front of all our other friends it was our 1st month trying and I was convinced we had done it and then before we had to go round for tea I wiped and got af spotting.

    I couldnt stop crying and then I composed myself and said to hubby in car they are going to announce they are preg and he said nah they arent even trying that much and bam in front of about 12 people I burst out crying and I explained what was going on that I had been emotional and she was fine with it.

    Since then I have seen her a few times and last week I popped round for a cuppa and saw she had a bump I was ok with it I am happy for them and shes really sad that am not preg to go through it with her.

    I must add that we both went through wedding planning together so it would have been nice to go through motherhood too.

    It does get easier and am pleased I went round because I did feel a bit like I was avoiding making contact but we cracked about things and she understands and I suppose if it was us before them they would feel the same way too.

  • thanks for sharing that sparkling diamond, its never easy is it but i suppose we need to keep telling ourselves that they did not get pregnant to hurt us they did it because they wanted a baby like us. and yes i agree with what you say if it was us before them they may feel the same way, i guess we are lucky that our friends are understanding. i do kinda pray to god that i get my BFP before her 40weeks is up just to make things easier. do u no what i mean?? xx
  • OMG yeah totally I have been feeling the same way that way I can deal with it because I have my own bean growing inside me.

    I have been broody for a few years now am approaching 31 so time is not on my side or at least i dont feel like it is anyway.

    I stress about how we will afford it tho do you?

  • thats exactley how iv been thinking, much easier to deal with if you no yours is on its way!!

    i used to wuri about money, but someone once told me that if you keep waiting until you can 'afford' to have a baby then you will never have one. no-one can ever really just afford it because i guess you live to your means. we are very fourtunate as we both have jobs but even so we will have to make cut bacls. if you want something bad anough it will work out. stress will not help your BFP either so relax mrs!!!! xx
  • i am different dont know weather it cuz i have 2 girls or thats the way i have always been i love when my friends and family have a new addition as i just love to see bump grow weird i know i think thats y i want to become a midwife but i do feel like i can't wait

    how long have you guys been trying for?


  • i started trying last september, what about you?? i see your having rather long cycles, hopefully this will be your month!! how do you get that cycle chat???
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