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Morning ladies

Now, obviously we're all having loads of sex. I don't know when I ovulate so am having sex every day (and then twice the next day if I miss a day - or my husband is exhausted!) just in case. I've always been prone to the dreaded cystitis, but have normally kept it at bay by taking one of those cystitis relief sachets every day. My pharmacist told me not to use them whilst TTC or pregnant, so I am holding my breath for an onslaught of the dreaded burning pee as I'm having so much sex.

So: are any of you worried about it too?

And, as I rush up to pee and wash after sex, am I ruining my chances of conceiving by washing everything away?

Sorry for the lengthy (and slightly grim) post so early.


  • hey

    i occasionally suffer from this too. and on month 2 of trying i caught it and it was very bad. i think it was down to too much
    BDing. i had to take antibiotics to clear it up
    i was therefore very worried about it the next month so we didn't over do it. but at the same time we were more in the mood which helped and i just made sure i was very clean before and after. i know what you mean about worrying about washing things away but you won't have washed everything away. i do try to lie on my back for a bit with legs in the air but i always make sure i get up afterwards and clean myself.

    sorry tmi!


    ps make sure you drink plenty of water and/or cranberry juice image
  • Hi Flush30, im sure i have used those sachets during pregnancy and i certainly would have checked it was ok 1st, im sure they are ok. I dont think you should really take them every day though, that would be like taking headache tablets every day just in case! lol Im sure there was a post on here the other day about cystitis and something was recommended from the health food shop, sorry cant remember what it was! Im not much help am i?? As for the wasing afterwards i think thats fine, the sperm will be well out of reach by that stage. xx
  • cheers ladies!

    I think I'll drink the cranberry juice, stay nice and clean, and keep my fingers crossed.

    Of course sperm can't be washed away - logically I know that - but it seems so counterintuitive to leap up straight after when I want it all to stay inside (tmi, I suspect!).

    On the sachets, I had been told by my doc to take them as it keeps the acidity of your urine down, making it harder for the cysititis to 'cling' to your bladder wall but have def been told now that they're not suitable for pregnancy - maybe something in them has changed or I have an over-cautious chemist!
  • Drink fresh Cranberry juice and keep taking it for a good few weeks - i had this a few months ago and my mum bought me the sachets of Cystleve but obviusly i couldnt take them. It will clear up in no time with this.
  • Claire - don't have cystitis at the mo but am dreading getting it as I've been having so much sex!

    And not tested for pregnancy since 20th May. No AF since 12th April but no signs of pregnancy yet. Sadly.
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