Confused and fed up!

Just don't know wot to think about the light bleed and dull stomach ache I have had. On tuesday very small amount of pink discharge with cm but only when I wiped sorry for tmi. Then all day yesterday nothin but the nigly cramp. Last night another small amount of reddish pink blood with cm when I wiped but heavier than the day before. Now again today the dull stomach ache is still there, but nothin when I go to toilet or wipe. If it is AF early just wish it would get on with it, only problem is am only on CD19 my previous cyles being 23 days 24 days and 26 days. It all just seems so messed up. :\?


  • Hi onemoremakes4. Don't want to falsely get your hopes up, but this sounds like implantation bleeding and pain. Apparently implantation pain is like a bad af pain. Hope you will be testing soon, and that you get a bfp! xx
  • Hi hun, dont give up just yet, like mithical says this could be implantation! I really hope you get your bfp soon xxx
  • Try not to worry and stay positive!

    I went to see a tea leaf reader last week and she picked up on all my baby stress as soon as i walked into her house. She told me i WILL have babies (3 to be exact) and that i have to just stay positive and see myself being with my baby as it will come, she thinks this year and knew i was getting married next year and had to be 'carefull' if i didn't want to have the bump on my wedding day :lol:.
    That alone gave me so much pma, and now i am walking on air. Even if it isn't true, it has given me new hope to think that yes, this year my dream may just come true!!!!!

    Good Luck x x x x
  • Thanks for all the support, it's so nice to know that others are goin through the same stress and emotions. Will stay positive and hope that I will get a BFP before the end of the year. Good luck to you all xx
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