Anyone any good at temp charts?

Hi Ladies,

I KNOW I've OV'd now as my temps have gone up, but is anyone really handy at looking at temp charts in order to figure out what day I actually did OV???

Thanks x


  • I'd guess yesterday... but your temps seem quite erratic leading up to OV. Do you test at the same time every morning?

  • Yep, set my alarm for 6.05 every morning regardless of what day of the week it is, then take temp, record it on my phone and either get up to walk the dog or go back to sleep if it's the weekend.

    It is my first cycle since coming off the pill which is why I'm assuming its so erratic?! Also had the swine flu vaccine earlier in the month and my temps shot WAY high.
  • hi hun, you will probaby find if you temp go's or stays up tomorrow it will log you as 2 or 3dpo. thats what usually happens with
  • Ahh that would explain it then.

    I am the same as angle, once I have a logged a couple of temps after OV it then confirms it on FF, I think its once you have recorded 3 highs then it plots OV.

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