I'm now in the CBFM club - PART 3!!

Hello ladies,

I hope you all don't mind. I've started a new thread for the CBFM club.

The previous thread was getting rather long and more difficult to get to the end and of course Broody (who set the thread up) has now got her wonderful BFP, so this will stop her from getting notifications. - Having said that Broody, that doesn't mean you can leave us here all alone. Please do come along with bucket loads of baby dust and keep us posted to how you are getting on.

Here's the link to the previous thread should new joiners want to read though:





  • Can I join in even though I haven't got a CBFM?!

    I'm using the charts on fertilityfriend.com to track my ovulation instead! According to the website I'm on CD10 so me and hubby should be having lots of BD'ing this Thurs - Sunday!

    It's probably not as accurate as CBFM but I thought I'd give it a few months and if we don't get a BFP I'll look into getting one.

    Lots of luck to everyone else TTC!

    Lisa xx

  • Well, here I am! CD1 and ready to go...!

    Mrs Robertson - I used fertillity friend and charting last time to get my dd - worked well for me but temp charting isn't going to work for me with lo so I'm trying the CBFM. I tried for 8 months 'naturally' then after 2 months of charting I got my BFP so good luck xxx
  • hey,

    am coming to the nd of my first cycle using my cbfm and i love it!!!

    im out for this months due to missed opportunities ;
    ) but am going to really go for it next cycle (my poor hubby won't know what hit him lol)

    how are people getting on with charting? i started lastmonth but got ill so had high temps due to a virus, might start again next month...

    k xx
  • Hello and welcome ladies,

    I have never charted my cycle. I came off the pill in April and my cycles were all over the place to start with so I decided i'd get a CBFM to take charge of it all. It's brilliant, takes all of the guessing out of it, and studying of OPK sticks. xx
  • Hi, I was a newbie to the 'part 2' thread so do you mind if I join this one? This is my first month of using the cbfm and I got 5 highs and 2 peaks! I was really suprised! I had my peak days on 30th & 31st Oct so now waiting to test!!! If I count my dpo from the 30th (1st peak) I am 10dpo and am symptom spotting! So far I have very painful (.)(.), they hurt around the sides and underneath, even into my armpits! they look a little swollen around my nipples and I have noticed some blue veins that suddenly appeared yesterday! I've had such wierd very real feeling dreams every night since thursday and for some reason tuna just doesn't taste the same! Also I'm ready for bed at about 8.30pm! I really hope this is my month and it's not my body playing tricks on me!

    Baby dust to you all!! xx
  • Hi PinkNic

    Of course you can join. Lovely to have you here. Your symptoms sound good, I hope that they lead to a BFP! So when is your AF supposed to be due? Are you going to hold on to see whether she arrives before testing? Fingers crossed!

    I thought I was in this month, we had done everything by the book and bded on the right days. It was our third month using the little gadget. Sadly it wasn't meant to be and I was rudely awaken by AF this morning. So back to CD1 to me. xx
  • Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that, but try not to let it get you down (easier said than done I know and I will probably feel terrible next week if af shows her ugly face!) What I will say is - my best friend got pregnant last yea after a year of trying and as her cycles were quite irregular she thought she was 12 weeks when she was only 10. She had the scan and everything was fine then they asked her to come back 2 weeks later for the 12 week one and the baby had died at 11 weeks - mmc. That was last October (2008) and they decided to give up trying as they were too upset by the whole thing - as you'd expect. Then at the start of February this year she wondered why she was eating a lot and feeling so tired, she had had 1 af since the mmc then she hadn't had another. She just took a test to rule it out and it was bfp! She was 8 weeks pregnant! She is now a mummy to a gorgeous 4 weeks old little boy. To sum it up, sometimes when you least expect it it WILL happen. You will be a mummy very soon, just as we all will ;\) x
  • Also, in answer to your question: I came off the pill in Feb 09 and since then my cycles have come down from 60days to 38-41 days. I got the 1st peak on CD23 (30th Oct) so in thoery I should get my af (or not!) anytime from 13th-15th November x
  • Hooray, CBFM Part 3!!

    Just to re-introduce myself: I joined the 2nd CFBM thread just before I bought my cfbm. I am now on my first cycle of using it, cd17. I got 5 highs, 2 peaks, 1 high, then back to low yesterday. Can't say fairer than that, so very pleased that I made the investment.

    Looking forward to lots of new chats with my cfbm buddies!

  • Hello Moon.

    EEK! So you're in your 2ww now. Let the symptom spotting commence!

    PinkNic - It's awful coming off the pill isn't it. I think mine are settling to around 35 days. Not the 28 that they used to be but better than 49 which was my longest! Your friend seems like she's been through the mill, so good to hear that there is a happy ending though. You are quite right, we will all be Mummys soon!

  • Oo Chickychoo if only I WAS on the 2ww! No, this month has been a trial run on the cfbm - ttc for Wales next cycle, so bring on my next af I say!!!!
  • Hi,

    I've dipped in and out of the part 2 thread, after having read all of the part 1 thread - it took me hours lol.
    A little intro...
    We've been trying (in the losest sense for 4 years) not exactly properly but still not using anything. So before heading to the docs next year, I'm giving the CBFM a shot.
    I'm on my 1st month, on CD9 and have my first high. And low and behold my hubbys on bloody night shift all week. Aaaaah.

    Do you think this might mean I'll get my peak at the end of the week???? I was planning on BD'ing every other high then both peaks but I think the odds are prob against us this month.

    Ooooh I've rambled a bit, sorry :0)

    Good luck everyone, lets hope this fab little gadget works its magic. xx
  • Hiya ladies,

    qucik recap on me, I'm on CD29 of a usual 28 day cycle, except last month I went to 31 days, and as doc said to just ignore that who knows when AF is due! I did do a Superdrug HPT this morning and got BFN :cry: :cry:

    I've had quite bad AF pains today, so much so that I thought she had arrived, but not yet.

    This is my first cycle of CBFM and really hoped that it would have been this month, oh well...

  • Hi Girls,
    Can I join in too please? I am using cbfm for the first time this month so that I can find out my cycle. I am on CD22 and had 7 highs between CD9 and CD15. 2 Peaks on CD16 and 17 and Hi CD 18 and now back to lows. Is it usual to get so many highs? I am wondering if there is a causal link between my getting a headache for 10 days in a row at the same time? My monitor is still asking me to test every morning and so I guess it will continue to do until I have done 20 tests. Could it be that it will ask for more? Should I have another box ready? I have ordered one from Amazon but it will not be here until Sat.
    If I count 14 days from my first peak I should expect my period to start on 17th November. My last period started the 18th so I am crossing my fingers that I will start to become a bit more regular after coming off the pill in September. If I cross this hurdle I hope we can start TTC next Month.
    Wishing you all the best of luck
  • Morning ladies, im still here!! Lovely to see a new thread. Well just wanted to update u a little and share with u all, cos i got a big grin on my face...no theres no BFP!! BUT it is CD13 for me, had highs since CD8 and we BD lastnight yay!!! As some of u know have had probs with the BD due to so much pressure, but lastnight was nice, and different...felt like us again, and i just wanted OH to enjoy SEX again, so made it all about him!! sorry if too much info!

    Hope you're all doing well and feeling positive xx
  • Morning!

    Hey Pickle - glad to see you today and very pleased to see you had some BDing action last night.

    Rainbow - any update on you honey? Is she still missing?

    EmaC and Sage7 - Hello and welcome!

    EmaC - I'm impressed about you reading all of Part 1. Not surprised it took you hours, I think it's one of the longest threads on here.

    It's difficult to know when you'll peak, but it's usually 14 days before AF is due. So if you know your cycle length you can have a good stab at estimating it. I will say though, it's quite usual to not get peaks during the first month of using it, so don't worry if you only see highs, it's just the machine getting to know you and doesn't mean that you haven't OV'ed. I like your strategy though, it's the same as mine, every other day on the highs and every day on the peaks.

    Sage7 - Yes it's completely normal to get lots of highs. I've just started my forth cycle using the CBFM and I still get about 10 highs at least! It will never ask for more than 20 sticks per cycle so no need to get a second box ready. After you've used your last stick it won't ask you to test anymore.


  • hey ladies i wasnt on the other 2 threads but have been usong the cbfm for 6 months now,onto month 18 as of sunday so im giving it a miss this month,really peeved i didnt get a peak,af was late by 4 days and i didnt get my bloody BFP either so i kep a wee eye out and help any of you out if i can xxxx
  • Pickle - WAHEY that the BDing is back on track!!!

    Would you ladies like me to post when i BD'd last month? Let me know & i will if you like.

  • Pickle I've just read your post, fingers crossed for a BFP for you this month! I know what you mean about the pressure tho!

    I'm on CD11 and according to fertilityfriend.com me and hubby should start BD'ing on Thursday for 4 days! image

    Think I might make a start tonight tho as this is our first month of TTC and fertilityfriend.com is using an estimate so I'd hate to think we wasted an opportunity! image

    I feel really nervous, not because I'm unsure about TTC, just because it's kind of different now we're trying to make a baby rather than just have fun!! Anyone else just starting out and feel like this?
  • Yes Broody - please do! Any tips would be great.

    Mrs Robertson - we have been TTC since May with no joy so far, so we are quite used to having sex for a baby rather than the fun and pleasure of it (not that it isn't pleasurable if you know what I mean). You start to think more about baby making positions and elevating your bum and legs afterwards. I've found that it's best to have a sense of humor, as shuffling along the bed to put your legs up against the wall can be quite amusing! xx
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