just wondering . . . (swine flu related)


I have a 16 month old and was plannng to ttc in the very near future but have been put off by the worries over swine flu and having the vaccine when pregnant

I feel that I have 3 options

1 - fall pregnant, not have the jab and worry about getting swine flu
2 - fall pregnant, have the jab and worry about side effects on the unborn baby
3 - put off ttc till I can be offered the jab - I found info that said that they are hoping that everyone who wants the jab will have been offered it by next May

I was very lucky with falling pregnant very quickly with my lo and know it might not be as easy second time round. But I have my heart set on falling pregnant again soon . . .

Just wondering how everyone else is feeling about this? I guess it may have already been discussed before but I only started worrying about it about a week ago!



  • Loopy loo these thoughts have been going through my head too.
    I don't think there is a 'right' answer with this one as no one knows 100% either way. I think you just have to way up the pros & cons and do what is right for you and your family x
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