Sometimes forget husband is struggling with 2ww too

Just sat down with the laptop to catch up on BabyExpert (I'm getting increasingly obssessed) and hubby has brought me a slice of easter cake and a cup of tea. I noticed he'd given me the slice that had the little mini egg on and said thanks, and he said 'oh, just thought it might be a bit of a symbolic good luck charm.' He know's I'm 6dpo and I told him that I could potentially have a little egg implanting inside me at the moment, but I didn't really expect him to take it in.

Sometimes I forget that hubby is trying for a baby too as weird as that seems. I feel a bit like his bit is over after the BDing stops and the rest is up to me :roll: - didn't really realise that hubby is waiting for the end of the 2ww as much as I am, bless him. image

Anyone else feel like that?



  • Aww bless him,

    cake and tea - he sounds wonderful image

    Yes I think we do forget that it is a journey for them too, on my last 2ww my hubs said to me 'do you feel pregnant yet??!!' and he wasn't being funny, he genuinly wondered! Did make me giggle.

    Agree with everything you say, and when we get disappointed when AF shows, we should remember that our hubs/OH#s do too.

    Love MrsH xx
  • Aww what a lovely hubby you've got!

    I'm the same, my h2b actually said today 'I think we should buy me some zinc tablets' I hadn't said to him that it could potentially help because I thought he was under enough pressure to 'perform in demand' but he had researched it himself, bless!

    :lol: MrsH, our OH's must know each other, mine asks the exact same thing every month! xx
  • Nice to hear that we all have lovely supportive hub/OH's!

    What would we do without them hey?!

  • Thanks Huni and MrsH, yes I agree that it is hard for the fellas. I know that if AF does come this month, DH will be every bit as fed up as I am about it.

    I feel lucky that I have such a sweetie, we only got married in November but have been together for 7 years in total. He has always been a wonderful partner and was a real rock when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last Summer. I think the fact that I so nearly lost my fertility altogether is why we're both so keen to get underway with our family, I just need to remember that i'm not doing this journey solo!

    Would be interesting to find out how other people's partners are during the 2ww. Us ladies tend to turn into baby obsessives and forget about the poor sperm doners don't we :lol:
  • We certainly do hun image

    I am sorry to hear about the cc but am glad that your hubs is so supportive, you have a good one there hun!

    We are definitely not doing this alone, without hubs and you girls, not sure what I would do!

    MrsH xx
  • The cake thing is very sweet! All I have had from mine is "Are you cheggers yet?" at about 4/5dpo :roll: Still, it does mean he is thinking about it too I guess!

    I try not to talk to hubby about all the ins and outs (so to speak!) of TTC as I don't want to put him off by going on about it (thank goodness for this site so I can vent here!) but I do kind of forget that men must be thinking about it too and maybe feeling pressure... I will try to keep that in mind a bit more I think. xx
  • Same here as Tilty ... I feel I would pressure him as I am alreay feeling pressured
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