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Morning ladies,

Hope you all had good weekends. I could really do with some advice please, I'm in my first month ttc and not totally sure of what everything means just yet. I've been charting my temperatures every morning and OVd on day 19 and got my temp rises as expected. I am now 6dpo and my temperature dropped this morning - yesterday it was 36.78 and today it was 36.67. I know that the temp can drop because of implantation but I thought it was meant to be a bigger drop than than that? I thought that our temp was meant to stay high until AF arrived though so if it isn't implantation then what does a temperature drop mean, does it mean I'm not pg?

Hope that makes sense. Any help would be really appreciated as I'm driving myself mad with this!.x.

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  • hello

    when you temp you are looking for a sustained rise post ovulation, theres are often little abnormailiites in temps causeing dips and rising throughout your cycle, these could be user related or just one of thoses things, i charted for 9 months and got dips pre and post OV that did not result in pregnancy, i did however get a dip at 9DPO on my BFP cycle although this was not below the cover line. a "implantation" dip does not mean that you are pregnant or not pregnant.

    the only way you can establish pregnancy is with a test, you temp is suppose to stay above the cover line post when af is due, i myself always had a decline 2 days prior to AF apart from when i concieved and my temps remained high although each woman will have thier own pattern, the high temp post OV is due to progesterone which is needed to support a pregnancy x

    hope this helps x
  • Thanks piggypops, really appreciate you replying!! That does help, like you my dip didn't go below the cover line so I am still having relatively high temps. Think I will just relax and wait for either AF or a test, like you say that's the only way to really be sure. Thanks again!!.x.
  • Hi trixie85 - how many days is your cycle if you ovulate at day 19? I don't test my temp anymore as I don't sleep well worrying what my temp will be when I wake up!
  • Hi laurajohnson,

    It will be between 31 and 33 days long - I'm still fairly new at this but that's about right I think. I'll let you know if/when AF arrives how many days it was!! Completely know what you mean about the temp thing being a bit stressful, I do worry about whether it will still be high or if something is wrong when it does something I don't expect - as you can probably tell!! Also hate having to wake up to take my temp at the same time at the weekend as I do on work days but it will be well worth it if it helps me get my BFP : ) .x.
  • I know! I was just writing in another post about painful ovulation - i'm not actually sure if i ovulate before or after the pain starts so that is why I was testing my temp but it stressed me out too much. I'll probably go back to testing if I don't get pregnant in a years time.
  • Ah yea, it is so hard to know isn't it? I generally get OV pain for the 2 or 3 days before I OV and then on then day itself the pain is at its worst. It tends to go as soon as I have OVd. Mine is pretty painful too, it makes my legs and back ache and sometimes I feel like I can't lift my legs properly but thankfully it goes after a couple of days. The things we have to go through hey!! Sometimes I just have to remind myself that I'm lucky I OV at all, I'm sure some women would be thankful just for that.x.
  • We ladies do put up with a lot of pain and aches don't we. Before I started ttc, I always thought I got PMT and sore boobies 2 weeks early, now I've realised that I have mood swings, sore boobs and the odd ache and womb twang due to ov!!

    Piggy - thanks for the temperature advice too. To be honest I do miss the occasional day because I just get up without thinking, but I never look at my temping to see if I've been successful as it's just not reliable enough

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