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I am on day 17 of my first month of using cbfm.

I had a bit of a problem this morning. Because of the clocks changing my usual tast time of 7am has changed to 8am. This wasn't a problem on Sunday as I had a lovely long lie in. However this morning, I got up as usual and poas thinking I could test straight way at 7am but when I turned on my monitor it hadn't changed to day 17 due to clocks changing.

The problem was that I'd already poas and as I will be needing a full 20 tests this month I couldn't use another one. So I had to wait an hour before I could do the test. I have read in the instruction book that you should only leave a test stick 15 mins. Do you think that they are being over cautious in saying only 15 mins?

I got my first high on day 14 and the monitor still read high today, I always got peaks on day 16-19 (before my mmc) but think it will be later this time as my last 2 cycles have been longer since mmc. Do you think if this test has not worked properly today then it could effect whether or not the monitor picks up a peak in this cycle?

Any advice would be great please. Thanks xxx


  • Hi shrewpin...oh what a mare! This ttc business is so much more complicated that people think!

    Well, im not sure whether leaving the stick an hour would've made much difference....think they prob are being cautious. So i think that its fine. It shouldn't make any difference as to picking up the'll prob POAS tomorrow and get your peak! I really think that it will be fine. When did you last bd? Might be an idea to do one tonight for luck?

    Sorry prob haven't been much help. Keep me posted how you get on tomorrow. Fingers crossed for your peak! Nat xxx
  • Thanks for reply Nat

    We last bd on Saturday night, but oh is working away this week so no chance of getting another one in tonight! Oh has said that he will drive home on the days that I get a peak (if he is away) Ahh the things we have to do!
    I wouldn't normally worry, but had achey pains (like I used to get on day of ov before mc) They only lasted a couple of hours and I'm sure it's way too early for ov anyway.

    You have been a help thanks. Will let you know when I get peak. I'm reckoning about day 23- 25 at the moment unless cycle has drastically shortened this month. xxx
  • Ah bless your oh!! Driving home to bd!!!

    Seeing as your cycles are longer will prob ov later on. You have just prob been so much more aware of every twinge today because of your mare this morning so have picked up on anything....any ewcm?? If not then you prob didn't ov today. Good luck tho. Keep me posted. xxxxx
  • Hi Nat

    Day 18 and still no peak. I poas this morning and the reading was still high so hopefully I didn't miss peak yesterday by mucking up test. No ewcm yesterday but did notice a bit today, Maybe I'll get peak tomorrow????
    oh is very sweet. I really panicked when he said he would be working away again as he has only just left the army, but he promised me he would be there when he was needed lol!
    How are you doing? What day are you on and how are things going for you? xxx
  • Hi shrewpin, well if it was a peak yesterday then it would still have detected it in your pee today i'm sure, so you haven't peaked yet!!! I'm sure that the hiccup yesterday wouldn't have mucked it up. Well ewcm today is good so hopefully you peak in the next few days!!

    I'm on day my peak on days 14 & 15 so i got my high today, gonna bd tonight just for luck!! So i'm on the 2ww now....

    Fingers crossed for your peak & for both our BFP's!!!

    Keep me updated as to when you get your peak!! xxxx
  • Hi Nat

    Thanks for yor postings, it is really good to have someone (other than oh) to discuss these things with.

    Good luck for your BFP this month. I suppose after this evening you'll be playing the waiting game. Very exciting, but torturous (sp) as well.

    Will let yu know when my peak arrives, if it ever does! Yawn I'm getting sick of waiting and just a tiny bit worried. But PMA I'm sure it'll all be fine.

    I'm sure you'll keep me posted too with any news. Sending you lots of luck. xxx
  • Don't know what i'd do without this is sooooo nice to talk to someone ( as you say other than oh) about all this, my oh is really good but think he must switch off sometimes!!!LOL! Bless them!

    Don't want to symptom spot too much this time....but it is so difficult not to! I'm a teacher & we're on our spring holiday next week for 2 weeks which is great but it gives me more time to analyse every twinge!

    Don't worry about have a 'high' on the monitor so your hormone level is definately increasing, it will happen in next day or so i'm sure of it. PMA PMA!!

    Will keep you posted. Take care. xxxx

    By the way how long have you been ttc? Just being nosey is this your 1st? xx
  • Hi Nat,

    How weird, I am a teacher too and also on hols next week. Just finished parents evening tonight so feeling rather tired.

    I know what you mean about the symptom spotting increasing when not at work. Try and keep busy and don't give yourself too much time to think about things. Have you got anything planned for the two weeks. I always think that this is the best holiday of the school year, so nice now that the weather is getting better. Schools all down hill from here!!

    We have been trying properly for 2 months since mmc back in December, but it feels like much longer now that cycles are longer than before. I also guess that I'm more anxious about getting pregnant again since mc, I just want it to happen again. But I suppose everyone feels a bit like that. Before mmc it was 4 months before we got bfp using cbfm. What about you? This is our first as well.

    Still on a high reading today, but oh is back home now and will be until until Tuesday so fingers crossed for a peak while he is home!

    Take care and just think about all the lovely time off you've got stretching out in front of you, I know I am!!! xxx
  • Hi shrewpin....very weird us both being teachers!! What do you teach? I teach primary - year 2, it's my ppa time this afternoon which is great!! 1 more day to go!!

    Haven't really got much planned for the holiday....we are going away in the May half term instead. Gonna try to keep myself busy tho & try not to symptom spot!! Yeah right!!!! What about you....doing anything in the holiday?

    Great that your oh is back....really hope you get your peak while he is back. What day are you on now? It's only natural that you feel anxious about getting pg after the mmc, we have to have PMA!!! It will happen!

    I'm on month 8 ttc & i think i need to take some of my own advice actually......i know it will happen but just feels like we've been trying for ages, I know there are couples out there who have been trying a lot longer. I just want to have my first bubba. I suppose i'm also slightly worried about my age, i'm 33 & not getting any younger! My body clock is ticking away big time!!

    Anyway gonna relax in the holiday & take it easy!! Take care. Keep me posted! xxx
  • Hello, when you get your peak it should be for 2 days so if you thought you had missed it then you really didn't cause it would of given you a little egg the next day, I really wouldn't worry about your cock up I am sure its all good. Lots of baby dust and pma and good luck with the monitor xx
  • Hi,

    I'm also a primary but I teach the little ones in Reception. Another weird coincidence, I also had my ppa this afternoon! Really can't wait for the hols, feel like I'm dragging myself along at the mo.

    On day 20 today and still getting a high reading, I've only got 5 tests left out of the 20, so hoping I get a peak before then. Going to be so gutted if I don't, It'll be just another thing to worry about. I really don't want my cycles to be getting any longer.

    I know what you mean about the age thing, I'm 32 and have never been bothered by my age until after the mmc. Some days I can't believe I'm 32 as it only feels like 2 mins ago I was a student at university! But like you say pma is the key.... it WILL be our turn one day.

    No real plans for the hols, just lots of relaxing,trying not to think about work and not getting stressed about ttc. I know it sounds daft but even though I've not even ov yet I've already resigned myself to the fact it won't happen this month. I guess that way I won't be too dissapointed. what have you got planned for the May half term? Something nice?

    Anyway take care, and keep thinking pma. xxx
  • Hiya shrewpin!!!! Yay!!! We have 2 weeks off! Didn't think we would ever get there!! Ah reception....when i first started teaching i did 4 years of reception! Very sweet but couldn't go back to the little ones now! Where abouts do you live? and teach? I live in Hayes in Kent and teach in Bromley.

    I know about the age thing.....i really can't believe i'm 33, its quite scary sometimes!!! It's like my mum and dad always say that they still feel like they are in their 20's which i couldn't really understand but now i'm feeling exacltly the same thing!!!!

    We are going to Spain for the May half term & i can't wait to have a lovely beach holiday....left it til the May hols so it will be a little warmer as we went there last easter hols & it wasn't very warm. Can't wait!!! Hopefully i will be going with a little bean growing inside me!!

    Oh bummer you're still on a high. But it is your first time using the CBM & it does say that you could have a high for 5+ days in the first cycle so don't worry, the monitor is just getting used to your if your cycles are longer then that explains it. Come on peak get a move on! Fingers crossed for you.

    Hope you enjoy your hols!! I always resign myself to it not working each cycle as you lessens the blow slightly when af arrives. Well i say it lessens it i still end up getting emotional & shedding a few tears!!!

    I'm 5dpo and been having a few twinges in left hand side but have had that before so no new signs really. PMA PMA PMA PMA!!!!!

    Take care. xxxx
  • Hi Nat

    Hurrah indeed it is finally the hols!! Been away this weekend to see the in laws. Just thought I'd pop on and see how everything is going.

    Any more news from you? Or are you desperately trying not to symptom spot this month? What day will you be due to test? I know the 2ww is awful, but in a way it can be a little bit exciting too!

    I think I am about to loose any tiny bit of pma I had left. I'm on day 23 and still getting a high reading from monitor. I have now had high readings for the last 10 days and I've only got 2 test sticks left. If my cycle is going to be 40 days like the last one, then I should be ov'ing about now. I am so confused. I thought as time went on after my mc then my cycles would settle down and get shorter. I can't cope if they get longer and if they do then I might aswell throw my monitor in the bin!!!!

    I had a chat with my sil (who has also experienced a mc and is a midwife) she said that if I went to the docs they would only say it is normal. That's what I thought but I don't really know what else to do. Think I will try some reflexology, as sil said she though it was a good idea, but failing that I'm lost! So sorry to moan, but it's starting to get me down. I'm keeping everything crossed for peak tomorrow, so I will let you know.

    Hope you enjoy your first day of the hols. Take care. xxx

    p.s I'm from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • Hi shrewpin.....yay!! It's the holidays!! So nice not to wake up to the alarm clock this morning! Poor oh had to get up very early to go to work while i was tucked up in bed! Hee hee!

    Sorry to hear you haven't got your peak yet? Any news today? Must be sooo frustrating for you. Keep hold of that PMA tho.....maybe you should try refexology, have heard good things about it on here although i haven't tried it myself. Keeping everything crossed that you get your peak in the next day or two. Are there any herbal remedies you can take? Agnus castus? .....think this is used to regulate cycles. Might be worth looking into?

    I'm on day 22, 7 or 8dpo & haven't got any new don't think its happened this month. Af is due on 16th, not gonna test til day before or day af due ( i say this now but may need to satisfy the POAS addiction before then!!)

    Keep me posted. Enjoy your hols!! Hope you get your peak soon. Nat xxx
  • Hey Nat

    waaaaaahooooo, day 24 and I got my peak!!! I can't explain how happy I am to know that everything is okay with my body. It still looks like I'm going to have another 39/40 day cycle though this month. Got some bd'ing in this morning as oh is off work till Wednesday, not sure wether to try again tonight or wait until tomorrow. I have got a few twinges in my tummy and lower back which I guess could be ov pains. So we will see what happens this month. I reckon if I get that far I will be due to test on the 22nd/23rd of April so about a week after you. Wouldn't it be nice if we were both lucky enough to get a bfp this month?

    Think I will try some Agnus Castus if nothing happens this month, I've read that you are supposed to stop taking it after ov, also might try some evening primrose oil, don't suppose it can hurt.

    Let's see how your will power holds out this month, just get in touch if you need some help in resisting the urge to poas. I'm usually quite good, but to be honest I've not had the opportunity to do it that often as I can tell if af is on her way due to brown spotting. That was why I had a good idea that I was pregant last time, due to lack of spotting. I suppose it saves money on buying test sticks!

    Keep me posted on the symptom spotting. xxx
  • Yippeeee!!!! Soooo pleased you got your peak! Bet you are so relieved! Good timing that your oh is off work til Wed too! If i were you i'd wait to bd tomorrow so little spermies have time to recover in between!

    We actually reduced the amount we bd this month as think we were over doing it!!! LOL OOPS!! Oh's sperm test showed high count but lowish volume so thought we'd try something different this month. We bd day 12(high), 14(peak), 16(high).

    It's so excitng when you get that lil egg symbol....i love that feeling. I'm so glad i invested in the monitor. I do feel that i should have got it months ago but hey ho at least we're doing all we can now.

    Your pains are prob ov pains....i normally get pains on my lower left side during ov. Would be amazing if we got our BFP's this month! I took evening primrose oil this month up to ov & it really increased cm. Go for it with the agnus castus.....but here's hoping that you won't need to.

    Well i'm on day 23 & on 1ww, boobs are a little bit sore but nothing unusual really. I'm usually quite good with POAS too, like you i get brown spotting before af due so i usually know when af is on her way but might need help to resist if i haven't had the spotting!! Af due on wed.

    Enjoy your peak days!! Go spermies go!! xxx
  • Hi Nat,

    Well I got my second peak day today. No bd'ing last night but first thing this morning. Quite enjoying this early morning sex. My oh is leaving for work early tomorrow morning so, think we will try and get a quickie in tonight. I suppose it can't hurt as there will definitely be no bd'ing at 5.30 tomorrow morning. I'm not getting up that early for anything!!!!

    TTC is not ideal when my oh is away, it really makes things tricky but at least now we know when my peak days are going to be. I'm trying to be positive this month! Hopefully we will be lucky this month.

    Sometimes our bodies are just so confusing though. Not sure if I mentioned, last time when I got pregnant we only bd twice (due to oh being away) and that was on high days 2 days before my peak. Weird! Now thinking that as only bd on peak days it'll not happen this month (how silly is that). Must hold on tight to that PMA!!! Oh it's going to be a long 2ww. Lucky you, only 7 days to go. Keep me posted on any developments.

    Just been reading about what you said about your oh sperm test showing lowish volume and was wondering if you have heard about the herbal tablets 'Maca'??? I have my oh taking them as well as zinc. Here is what Healthy (where I buy from) have written about them.

    "Long revered as a powerful aid to fertility, found to increase semen volume, sperm count and motile sperm count, Maca is also a famous fatigue fighter and general health tonic. No wonder Inca warriors used the Maca plant to increase their energy for battles! "

    They sell 90 tablets for ??5.99. Anything is worth a try, my oh thinks I'm going crazy sometimes but he puts up with me cos he knows how important it is. Anyway here's hoping you'll not be needing them after this month.

    Keep enjoying the hols, I'm off into work tomorrow. Going to try and spend a bit of time getting sorted for after the hols! There should be no distractions at school, unlike here at home.

    Take care xxx
  • Hey shrewpin!

    Must be difficult ttc when oh is away....glad that he was around for you this month! Know what you mean about the morning bd.....i'm quite partial to that too! Oh and i used to do that all the time when we first got together(!!).......but bd's good don't get me wrong but there's always the ttc thing in the background, there's that pressure wondering 'is it going to work this time?' Then there are the times you really don't want to bd but know you have to!!! Oh the things we have to do!!

    Anyway(!) you doing?? You must be on the 2ww now....we're both on the waiting game now!?! What are you like on the 2ww....are you a symptom spotter??!! or are you good at forgetting about it all?? I try not to symptom spot too much but it's soo bloomin difficult!! Had sore armpits couple days ago....which was weird, my BB's are quite sore & having few twinges in tummy, but think my body is playing tricks on me!!!

    You're right our bodies are so when you got pg last time, you only bd on the high days 2 days before your peak....your oh must have super sperm to survive for that long!! It's all so confusing.

    Only got 6 days to go til af due...think i might poas on tuesday if i haven;t had any spotting. I'm going out on saturday with oh of the girls who's going is 6 months sooo pleased for her but know its gonna make me sad that i'm not pg. Do you think it'll be alright to drink a couple of glasses of wine.....i try not to drink on the 2ww but a couple should be ok do you think??

    That's for the info about Maca tablets i'll def look into them.

    Going out for lunch with my mum today which will be nice, have already done my planning for when i get back!!! Want to get it all done so i don't have to do any work next week.

    Hope you're enjoying the hols!! Keep me posted on your 2ww. Take care. xxx
  • Hi Nat,

    How are you? Can't believe it's Friday already, just don't know where the days are going to.

    Hows the 2ww going for you? Not long to go now, are you still planning on doing a test on Tuesday? Any more signs or spotting to report?

    I'm now offically on the 2ww as well! I usually start off very well as far a symptom spotting goes. But here I am only 3 days on from my first peak and I'm already reading into every slight twinge. In reality though, when I think about last month many things that I am noticing now are similar to 2ww before I got my AF. BB's not sore yet, but I have had a couple of little crampy pains, which I'm sure are nothing and I have developed a few little spots (just in time for the weekend!!) So I'm really trying hard not to symptom spot, but not doing so well. Last time I was pregnant, I didn't really have any different symptoms to what I usally get before af arrives. For me the first thing that made me think, was the lack of spotting. I have worked out that spotting should arrive next sat/sun and if it doesn't then I'll let myself get a bit excited, although the way my cycles have been I shouldn't try and compare month to month. I'm so sad I actually write down any bodily things that I notice on a day to day basis so that I can compare cycles. It makes me feel a bit more in control!!

    So are you going anywhere nice at the weekend? I wouldn't worry about having a few glasses of wine, I'm sure you'll be fine. I know how you feel though, I went out the weekend before my peaks both Fri and Sat night. I was really worried that it may effect ttc. I suppose you have to try and not worry about everything, if having a few drinks helps you to relax and enjoy yourself then it has to be a good thing. We were at a bbq with friends a few years ago and had all had lots to drink, a few days after my friend found out that she was pregnant. Her little boy is just perfect, so it didn't effect her pregnancy at all.

    I spoke to a reflexologist the other day and have made an appointment with her for after af is due. Wouldn't it be great if I could cancel! She sounded like a lovely lady, she was reccomended to me by someone I work with. Her daughter had problems with ttc and following several visits was pregnant. She's due next month. Like I've said before I will try anything!

    My oh arrived back home today! Hurrah! He's off work all next week so looking forward to spending some quality time together. Hopefully we might get away for a few days.

    Enjoy the weekend. Any news, let me know. xxx

  • Hey shrewpin......i got my BFP!!!! Can't believe i'm actually writing this!!!

    Yesterday thought i'd do a cheapo strip test & got a bfp! So this morning i did another strip & got another bfp! So then thought what the hell do a clearblue non digi & it came up with the cross within minute or two!!!! It was about 6 in the morning & i got oh out of bed to check i wasn't seeing things but he saw the cross & its right in front of me as i type this!! YIIIIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    I know its due on wed so just want to get past then. Am shaking!!

    Anyway how are you doing? Any symptoms? I'm exactly like you....i write down everything in my book, it's good as you can check back on your other cycles & compare.

    Went out last night but as i had a faint bfp yesterday i didn't drink & was preparing what i was going to say if they asked me why i wasn't drinking but they didn't ask so that was fine!!

    Really hope you can cancel your reflexology appt....wouldn't it be great if you got your bfp too!!! Keeping fingers crossed for you shrewpin & hope that nasty spotting stays away!

    Keep me posted on how you're going. xxxx
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