just a dreamer?

ok, perhaps I am insane but my dreams are different at the moment, I normally dream about my family but the last two nights I dreamt that I was holding BFPs

I am just thinking about it that much or might it be a sign? I also have been SSIng like crazy and I feel different

Am I the only one with those dreams?



  • Don't have any experience in that stuff hun, as I'm in my first month ttc but I've heard that lots of women do get crazy dreams when they're pg so could be a sign!! Just wanted to wish you luck really, hope all the symptoms are leading you to a BFP!!! Keep us updated : ) .x.
  • hope its a good sign hun.xxx
  • I just had to reply as early this morning I had a dream that I got a BFP. Just shrugged it off as wishful thinking. Tested today and BFP, so Shuck, I really think its a good sign for you. Fingers crossed! x
  • heya ive had two dreams i had a bfp this week too! sori to put a downer on things but af came 4 me 2day so not a sign 4 me. hope it is 4 u tho good luck! x x
  • oh btw i must add that i prob had those dreams cos was my first mth ttc so prob just thinkin abt it 2 much! x x
  • Thanks for replies ladies
    Is month 4ttc for me and have never felt so different before, really dying to test this month
    Sorry to hear that AF got you beee. Good luck for you next month

  • ~~~**~~BABY DUST~~**~~
  • maybe it is sumthin then wen r u due to test shuck? x x
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