Feeling desperate: Nausea coming off pill?


Sorry to post again but I am going nuts with really bad nausea. :\(
It started a week ago lasting for an hour and has gradually been building and building so that it is more intense and is lasting most of the day.

I've found trying to eat something helps, especially crackers, cold drinks, ginger tea but I'm at my wits end. These measures only stop it for 20 minutes max at the moment. The other commuters on the train must have thought I was insane because I was sucking on loads of tic tacs the whole way home! image

I heve been off the pill for 4 weeks now so just looking for some reassurance that this is normal when coming off the pill - and will disappear! :roll:

Much Babydust to all! xx

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  • No idea sorry as never had this, when are you due to POAS? I concieved 1st mth of trying last time and had a fantastic pregnancy... maybe your pregnant? I hope soooo xx
  • Hi Sugarplum,

    Gosh! Don't start me off again! image
    I've been trying to ignore the niggle in my brain that I might be.

    If I am to have a 28 day cycle I will be due next thursday. I think these symptoms can be as much coming off the pill as being pg though. Not sure?

    We will see. Did you get this sort of nausea when pg?
  • And again I wake up feeling sick...not fair!
    So far I have't actually been sick but its icky and I'm off all sorts of foods that normally I love.

    Bloody hormones!!!
  • Hi

    I am still getting nausea and thinking of going to see my gp about it - its been over a week now.

    I'm not due on until 1st July although have had some semi-period pains last night. I read that an excess of vitamin E can sometimes cause nausea and I am currently taking a supplement which I've now stopped. Really hope this is the culprit as I feel so sick and its draining.

    Has anyone had nausea coming off the pill???
  • Have you done a test robin? I think you should do an early preg test cos your symptoms are so strong you might get a BFP! Good luck x
  • Hi Robin

    When I came off the pill a year ago I had all sorts of symptoms it was horrible including nausea, dizziness and just generally feeling drained and crap, spots the lot.

    Luckily it goes over time and symptoms ease but it could also be early pregnancy symptoms as you are really fertile when you come straight off the pill and try for a baby.

    Good luck

  • Hiya,
    Thanks for your replies.
    I did a test and got a BFN but I guess I will wait to see if I am late and test again if I am.

    Its so frustrating waiting around when you feel poo but I'm glad you have reassured me that this is all possible when coming off the pill.

    Thanks to you both x
  • Sorry to hear you got a BFN robin but i guess it's not over until AF shows. Hope you feel better soon x
  • I don't want to get your hopes down. But i had this exacts same thing for the first 2/3 months off the pill. I think it was just all the hormones changing in my body.

    I hope it's different for you though and that you get your BFP!
  • Monster I really appreciate your honesty. I was looking for a balanced view and also praying the nausea will bugger off! image

    I've been making sure I keep eating regularly keeping my blood sugar steady and this is really really helping the nausea. Its still there and v bd first thing but it is manageable if I graze throughout the day.

    A lot of my 'emotional' and hormoney symptoms feel like they are settling which can only be a good thing no matter what the result this month. The main thing is I am starting to feel more comfortable in myself which will pu us in a good place for the coming months.

    Thanks again to all for your replies - has helped to read them.
    Babydust to all! x :\)
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