So where do you think i am in my cycle?

Hi ladies,

I'm confused! I started using a cbfm this cycle (2nd cycle post mc). Since i came off the pill in January my cycles have been 28, 49 (Got BFP but not until cd49!!), 34 and now this one. I got highs on cbfm from cd7 upto cd24, then cd25 down to low. I didn't get a peak which is apparently quite common first month you use it as it's getting used to your body!

Anyway, i've been getting cramps all weekend and my nipples are quite tender so i checked my cervix this morning and it's so high i can't reach it. It's higher than it had been over the last 2weeks! So i did a HPT just to check and BFN as expected. I then thought i'd try using one of the cbfm sticks to check for OV and i think it's positive. The LH line is slightly darker than control but both are farely light. Do you think i'm finally ov'ing (i'm cd29 so very late really!) I know they say you shouldn't use the cbfm sticks as OV test sticks but most people who use them say you can and i've definately noticed differences throughout my cycle!

I think in typing this i may have answered my own question but i kind of don't want to be ov as it's so late meaning my cycle's gonna be about 44 days again! GRRRRR!

Shall i get some OPK's? Which would you ladies suggest? Cheaper ones please... :lol:



  • when you first used the cbfm chick did you start it on your proper date or did you leave it a few days with having a longer than average cycle?
  • I don't use a cbfm and use OPK's instead, I get mine off of Amazon and they've been great, cheap and they work just fine they are made by Wondfo - I've used others and they're not as good. Maybe you are oving hun - get bding just in case! image
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