I think I've missed the boat this month

Haven't been charting my BBT for too long (4-5 days) started mid cycle to get into habit to start properly at next cycle!

Anyway have seen a definite dip in temp yesterday and this morning it's high.....if thats happening for next 3 days means ovulation would have been yesterday-ish!

Knew my cylce this month wasn't a 28 CD and was def later just from checking CM! I'm on CD 21 now.

BD on Saturday so v. doubtful any little swimmers would still be around so tried with OH Tuesday night and last night and neither time he was up for it (too tired after a run on tuesday and last night wanted to stay up till 11.30 watching a program!)

Didn't want to put too much pressure on him by saying it's perfect time of the month as it sounds I only want him for a baby then lol!!!

At least i've seen a pattern though re CM/BBT so may help for next time!

Men though......so annoying lol! x


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