ok myabe not bfp??

well got 5 BFP and one on CBD sayind 1-2 weeks, very happy about it, af would have been due 2moro as tested 12dpo and having been having what feel like mild AF cramps. i hope to god i dont loose my bean, i couldnt bare going thru tht again. xxx


  • I've never been pregnant but I've read on lots of these forums that AF like cramps are quite common in early pregnancy so try not to worry.

    Fingers crossed all is well and it's just baby settling in
  • hoping that you've got a sticky bean

    af cramps are really common in early pregnancy xxx
  • I had AF cramps for the first few weeks after getting my BFP, it's just everything stretching and making room for your bean, nothing to worry about image xx
  • Hay hun

    I am having cramps 24/7 i am trying not to listen to them and just get on with it & i have been seeling so sick its nuts image
    i have done 6 tests and all pos will be testing in the morning as well lol

    Think i will stop poas slowly i am going to get poas withdrawal simptoms :lol:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you hun xxx
  • i hope it is nothing to worry about, im gunna stick around here for a while if thats ok as iv just not fully accepted my bfp yet and wont until i get the next week out the way as thats when i tend to loose my beans,
    ***babydust to all***
  • i had this for the first 6/7 weeks of pregnany, its very common x
  • Everything will be fine hon, PMA remember? But you can stick around as much as you like; am going to miss all of you ladies running off and leaving us!! But I'm going to be sneaky and keep an eye out on the other forums for you all :lol: you can't get away from me that easily!! (Well, it TTC can ever be considered easy!!) xx
  • hi, when i was first pregnant with ds i had af type cramps, it's usually just everything stretching and making room for ur growing bean....it's quite common to get them at intervals during pregnany, mainly in the first 12 weeks and then every now and again as and when baby has/is about to have a growth spurt cos everything needs to move out of the way to give lo room. xx
  • Hi,
    I got AF type cramps for the first 5 weeks or so, it's usually the bean settling in. And I have never suffered with period pains in my life apart from in early pregnancy. In fact when i had a chem preg in Dec I didn't get them at all. Fingers crossed it's a good sign xx


  • Like the others have said AF cramps are really common in early preg. Hold on in there and keep up the PMA.
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