First month TTC - what OV symptoms should I be looking for?

Hi everyone,

OH and I are on month 1 of TTC. I am on CD10 now but have no idea how long my cycles are as I was on the pill for 8 years, which stopped my periods completely.

Can you please shed some light on what symptoms I should be looking out for that tells me that OV is on it's way? I am using OPKs and charting my BBT. Any other symptoms though?

Thank you ! ;\)


  • cm...when u get ewcm thats a ood sign, obviously your bbt, some ladies get cramps (like period) but not everyone experiences these, xx

  • Hello and good luck with TTC. You might find it useful to go on Fertility Friend and do their lessons - I did and it really helped. I have very irregular cycles, of between 35 and 70 days in length but think I can now predict my ovulation very acurately with the following - ferning (I bought a ferning microscope for less than ??10 on Amazon - it shows the fern-like shapes in your saliva that turn up when you ovulate) and CM - the Fertility Friend course really helps with how to evaulate that. I then confirm ov by temping. This has helped me to realise that I do at least sometimes get ov pain -- this month on left side on day that temps then showed I had ovd. You could also use a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor to predict ovulation. I tried CBFM, but it did not work for me - I think my hormone levels are too low and it didn't always go to peak even when temping showed I had ovulated (and GP has said my hormone levels seem fine for conception). Hope that helps - feel free to come back with more questions...
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