CBFM Question

Quick question: I'm going to collect my CBFM this afternoon (my friend's very kindly giving me hers) I'm not sure if she has instructions but no doubt I can download them but in the meantime....if AF arrived this morning, do I start using machine from today or when AF finishes? Sorry to be dumb but her phone's switched off and I need to know NOW cus I'm very impatient & excited to use it!



  • you can set it up to day 5 by holding the m button, you need to start it in the pee window so when you usually get up you need to set it then, that gives you a 3 hour window either side of that time to pee on it :lol:

    so tomorrow you will need to set it to day 2 in your window x
  • Just wanted to say Thanks piggypops! My new CBFM arrived this morning, I ordered a new one as it turned out my friend had a ov test kit & not a cbfm.

    I've set it to day 2 & I'm ready to go! (I was like a kid with a toy opening it this morning!)

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