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its probs way to early to contemplate as im not up the duff LOL, but i have had 2 c-sections (one emergancy one planned) i want to have a natural birth i have read on various sites that it is possible, however alot of people have said its not...i really didnt like the second c-section it was a awful experience as was the first but with the first i was konked out from the labour and drugs lol.......
so if anyone can help......

how are you all??? xxxxxxx


  • I don't know anything medical about this but I do know someone who had a C section for her first child and a natural birth with her second and third so it must be possible. Never too early to start thinking about stuff, best to be prepared image xx
  • Hi, I can only comment on what my own consultant has told me. Aparantly vbac is usually alowed if only had 1 c section, but if had 2 or 3 then the consultant doesnt usually allow it.
    I have had 2 c sections aswell, and have begged to try for a natural delivery this time, but they have said no, and its too dangerous to try. So I have to think more about the babys safety than my preferences.
    So unless you have a more leanient consultant, then i think you will be told the same as me hun.
    Also, I have been advised that 3 c sections is the max you should have, as you become very high risk if have more than 3... but im sure theres plenty of women had more than 3, so guess i would worry about that if the time ever came to try for number 4!. Think will get through having number 3 1st lol
    Hope this helped hun, take care
    caz xx
  • cheers for the replies girlys xxx
  • hi, i work on a labour ward and if you want to you can go for a vbac after 2 c-sections u can, u will be monitored closely. obviously there are risks like your wounds from the section rupturing but its not that common altho i have seen it and it can have either good or bad outcomes. i had a emergency section last time and my plan is next time i will go for a vbac but i will have an epidural at 5cms so if it did happen they wouldnt have to waste time getting me to sleep. i know the thought can be terrifing but there are risks to everything. if u really want a vbac go for it. sassie. xx
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