im back! xx

i stayed away for 1 month to see if that helps- ie no stressing thingy to help conceive, lol dont think it did!
missed u all xx


  • hi hun, good to see you back. where are you in your
  • good to have you back, hun
    hope you are a bit more relaxed now.
  • hi,

    our dog pulled our phone socket out so no internet - i thought the same - we don't use the house phone ever so i'll leav it then thers no chance of me loggin on but now it's fixed and i'm back on immediately LOL

    good luck

  • thanks girlies! im cycle day 20 , a lil more relaxed i think, havnt used my cbfm this month so guess il need to reset it all for next months waiting game! i wish i could wave a magic wand and get everyone a bfp for crimbo!! xx

  • Welcome back hun xxxx

    Hope you get your BFP for xmas xxx
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